When it comes to organising your fridge, there are things that no one tells you

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Ismail Saad
June 21, 2022

Now that we are adults and have a more mature perspective on things, we find that having a tidy home provides me both peace and a feeling of achievement. In contrast, cleaning the refrigerator was never a part of my weekly routine. Everything that happened in the fridge remained in the fridge. However, one day, we decided to fully clean the appliance, and when we did, we was astonished by the level of grime and the number of expired goods we found there. Food that had been forgotten about ended up in my refrigerator, which was more like a cemetery than a refrigerator.

That experience prompted me to learn how to organise and clean a refrigerator effectively in order to preserve the freshness of the foods we was storing. Ten things I’ve learned thus far:

A refrigerator that is almost full is significantly worse than one that is nearly empty

You need to clear your refrigerator if you’re constantly afraid something may fall out when you open the door, and not only because you could be a food hoarder. If you pack your refrigerator to the brim, you’ll waste food, clog air vents, reduce circulation, and lower the refrigerator’s energy efficiency. Having said that, if your refrigerator is almost empty, you may want to consider adding a few bottles of cold water to help the device maintain its cool temps. It’s best to keep your fridge at around two-thirds capacity, so go for it. You can buy refrigerator organization bins malaysia there with all the options.

If you buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables, you do it at your own risk.

If you want to encourage your family to eat more healthfully, you may want to consider cleaning and slicing your fruits and veggies before placing them in the fridge. As a result of the increased surface area, food that has been sliced will deteriorate more rapidly. If you can, wait until just before you eat to wash and cut your food so that it is fresh.

If you store milk in the refrigerator’s front door, you’re doing something wrong

In your refrigerator, the inside of the door and the uppermost shelf are the warmest areas. Because milk has a short shelf life and is sensitive to spoilage, it should be kept on the middle shelf, where temperatures are more stable. If you have an egg compartment on your door, eggs should not be kept there. Garb your refrigerator’s door with vinegar and salt-heavy condiments. It’s also a good idea to make advantage of any refrigerator features like compartments for dairy and sandwich meats. Snacks and any leftovers may be stored on the top shelf.

Your fruits and veggies don’t get along well with each other in the kitchen.

If you have a modern refrigerator, you’re likely to find two separate drawers for fruits and vegetables. The temptation to move some greens from a full vegetable drawer to the fruit side may be strong on days when there is a farmers market, but you should resist the urge. Why? Veggies take longer to wilt when there is a lot of moisture, thus the fruit drawer has a lower humidity level than the vegetable drawer (fruits rot slower in low humidity). In addition, the ethylene released by fruits may speed up the rotting of leafy green vegetables if they are stored together in the same region of the refrigerator.

buy refrigerator organization bins malaysia