What You Can Expect From A Pre-purchase Building Inspection

Ismail Saad
March 4, 2021

When you decide to buy the property for sale Ara Damansara, you surely want to make sure that you will get your money’s worth. But how can you achieve this? Just randomly checking the house is definitely not enough as some of the defects are camouflage. They are not readily visible like those structural defects that might only be felt once you start living in it. There are times when they owners know but they won’t disclose this to you and there are also times when they really have no idea. As you are the one who will then live in the house if you will push through with the purchase, you should be the one to initiate a way to check if it is indeed as good as it is advertised. How will you do it? 

You can have the Ara Damansara house for sale pre-inspected. Yes, this is in fact part now of the protocol when one is buying a house. Through proper pre-inspection, you will exactly know the condition of the house like if their defects, pest infestations and so on. Here are some of the things that can be expected during pre-inspection:

  • Checking the proper grading drainage away from the property
  • They will check if there is no proof of standing water
  • No proof of leaks from the septic tank or from the leech field
  • They will also check-in areas such as the yard, landscaping, walkways and see if they are in good condition
  • They will check the exterior structures such as the sheds, decks, fences, detached garages, retaining walls and see if they are in good condition and if there are proof of termite infestations
  • They will also check if the railings on stairs and decks are in good condition as well as secure

These are just some of the areas they will check. But aside from the ones mentioned here, they will also check in other areas. Basically, they will check every part of the house as they will make sure that their client will be well aware of what he is about to buy. 

You see, these inspectors are well aware of their situation and they know that in their business, competition is tough. This is why, they will really do their best to ensure that they can deliver and that they will meet the standards of their client. If you want to make sure that you will be buying a house that is as what you paid for, you must not hesitate to hire inspectors, not only building inspectors actually, but also pest inspectors. That is right as termites are one of the most destructive pests and sometimes, they are hard to detect.

Do you think a house is too big for you and your friend or partner? If that is the case, you should just check the Ara Damansara condo. Condos have limited space, so this should be perfect if there are only two of you. 

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