Vaccine For Your Baby: What is It?

Ismail Saad
March 10, 2022

If you are here, then you might want to know regarding the vaccination package for newborn babies Malaysia. So, read more down below:

What is a Vaccine?

Vaccines contain antigens, which are derived from part or all of the structure of a virus or bacteria that has been killed or weakened. Antigens in vaccines work to stimulate the body’s immune system (immune system) to form immunity to specific disease infections.

vaccination package for newborn babies Malaysia

Today, most vaccines are in combination form; that is, several types of vaccines are combined in one injection so that children get protection against several types of diseases with just one injection. It makes vaccination more practical and less painful.

What Content in A Vaccine? 

Vaccines contain active substances called antigens. These antigens are either in the form of a live virus, an inactivated virus, or even a purified viral protein, an attenuated bacterial toxin or part of a bacterial structure. Yes, what is his? To make it simple, they use the bacteria or virus against itself. 

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Vaccines also contain additional components such as preservatives, stabilizers, adjuvants and several other components. Each ingredient contained in a vaccine has its own function and contributes to the quality, safety and effectiveness of a vaccine. The vaccine does not contain substances that can harm the body.

Preservatives Contained in Vaccines? 

Preservatives in some vaccines work to stabilize the vaccine as well as prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in the vaccine. The most commonly used preservatives are thimerosal or thimerosal. 

vaccination package for newborn babies Malaysia

In the vaccine mechanism, there is a type of mercury called ethyl mercury. It has nothing to do with any toxic effects of methylmercury. Methyl mercury is toxic to the nervous system. Thiomersal, which has been used in vaccines for the past 80 years, exists in very small quantities. However, up to date there is no scientific evidence to suggest it is dangerous.

Read the above statement again. 

What Does The Government Say Regarding This 

According to the Deputy Director General of Health (Public Health), Datuk Dr Chong Chee Kheong, based on the latest assessment, there is no data to show that the vaccine is harmful to pregnant and lactating mothers.

“Based on the latest assessment by a group of experts in the country, there is no data to show that this vaccine is not safe for use by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers,” said Dr Chong, referring to the Corminaty vaccine produced by Pfizer-BioNTech.

This is Dr Chong’s explanation: “This statement is not wrong based on the data available at the time and the policy of the Ministry of Health is that the vaccine used is completely safe to ensure that the people get the full benefits. Dr Chong advised pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who wanted to take the Corminaty vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech to seek advice from a specialist doctor first.

Baby and Vaccines 

There are lots of types of vaccines. Four your baby too, there are more than you know. However, since this cute little kid has so much to lose, you must research the best vaccination package for newborn babies Malaysia. Do not stress out dear mother! Your kid will be fine.