The Right Condo For Sale In Pandan Indah?

Ismail Saad
March 11, 2021

If a customer wants our real estate appraisal of a property, we examine all the documents before looking at the home. We do not only look at the condition report or the electrical installation report. We always contact the real estate agent before the inspection, and check up on both local plans, easements, oil tanks and much more. We also look at, for example, drawings of the home or its sewer conditions. These documents can often be found on either or You can do this study yourself. It took some time – but gives you important knowledge about the home.

Lay out a strategy and stick to it

When you have finished the initial exercises, lay out a strategy for the price negotiation and stick to it. Remember that negotiation can be about more than just price and money. Think about whether curtains, garden furniture, garden tools or the like can have value for you. Does the seller have to repair one or more things on the property before the takeover? Is there an oil tank to be examined or removed as part of the trade? Or could it be interesting for you to access the property before the takeover for, for example, painting or renovation?

It is important that you are sure at this point that it is the right home for you. Does the home live up to your needs? Is your “gut feeling” right? Can you see yourself in the home in 10 or 15 years? If these things are in place, then you are probably focusing on the right housing like Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur, but if you’re comfortable in another area, maybe you could check out apartment Puchong.

This is the real estate agent you need to negotiate with

He or she is a professional, and is often a very experienced dealer. That is why preparation is important. The real estate agent will try everything else to push you as much as possible. Therefore, it is important that your offer on the property is both realistic and that you have the arguments in place. Finally, it is important when negotiating a price that you do not “slam the door” and thus do not move forward if the seller does not want to go down to your price and you are at the same time willing to raise your bid.


It does not cost anything to contact the real estate agent and make an offer on the property. Your only risk is that the seller says no to the offer. If your offer is too low, there is a certain risk that the seller will be “offended”. It can create a bad climate of negotiation and may lead to the price ending up being too high or the seller refusing to sell to you. The latter, however, is very rare. You click here if you would like to read more articles from us.