Do’s and Dont’s during sexual intercourse

Ismail Saad
April 27, 2022
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Sexual intercourse is an option to choose people and it is a part of many people’s lives. Sexual needs are important to be taken note of and people need to focus on what their body wants. There are many health benefits one can get by reaching better orgasms. sexual intercourse is not the only way to reach orgasms. Masturbation and many other ways exist for people to reach orgasms. When you are engaging in sexual intercourse with someone there are certain things you can do to make the experience better and things you can avoid so that you will not ruin the experience. In this article, you can find out some of the do’s and don’t. 

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You can explore new types of moves and positions with your partner or with the person you have sex with. You can improve the quality of sexual intercourse by trying new things and this will make the process more interesting. You can find out what you both want to try or what you are interested in doing. You can refer to references if you want to know about new moves. You can communicate with your partner about this. In order to make this experience more interesting, you can use sex toys. Sex toys are known to only be used when people are alone. But you can also use sex toys as a couple. There are many types of sex toys available and you can view this now to buy them.

Foreplays. You can try many types of foreplays with your partner. In order to get into the mood and to make sure you are both on the same page, you can try foreplay before having sex. Foreplays build up the tension between both of you which allow you to have a better sexual relationship. Cuddling, and kissing are some examples of foreplays. You can go with the type of foreplays that works best for you as it depends on people. Before play, you can do the dirty talk with your partner to build up the tension. At this time, you can communicate anything you want.


Consent is an important element in sexual intercourse and makes sure you are listening to your partner. Whether you are trying something new or having a usual type of sex, both of you need to be on the same page. You need to communicate with your partner if there are alright with the move or you can tell them if you are not comfortable with any moves. You should also make sure to stop if they are asking you to stop midway. Hence, one of the important don’ts while having sexual intercourse is not to force anything on your partner. 

It is better to not just focus on reaching orgasms as it will not give much excitement in the process. You can add many things while having sex which may help you to spend more time with your partner. You can do dirty talks, foreplays and slowly lead up to having intercourse.