Possible Hurdles when Investing in a Property

Ismail Saad
August 25, 2022

Are you interested in buying a property? If you are renting right now, it is best to start looking for a property to move to, as your money will just be consumed with the rent and you can even own even a segment of that property. It would be like you are just wasting all those years of hard work for the rent.

There is a property in Selayang that should be big enough for a big family. It comes with 5 beds and 2 baths. It is currently freehold and so, if you plan to make it a rental property, you can easily do so, especially since it is in the best location of the said district. You should check this out yourself or maybe, you can reach out to a realtor.

Before that though, you might encounter some of the most common problems when investing in a property for the first time such as the following:

·         You might have heard how lucrative the real estate business is, and maybe this is even the aspect that motivates you the most to try this out. While this is true, this is not a perfect system. Just like any type of market out there, real estate also has its own share of ups and downs. Yes, and this is why once you will be part of this industry, you should buff your business so it won’t have a huge impact on some of the expected market shocks.


·         While there might be market shocks in the real estate industry, you can settle for the lower-level risk, considering you are still starting. Yes, you can dwell in a rental apartment as even in the worst economy, people will always find a place to stay. This means you will not be out of business.

·         Liquidity risk is another that one should think about. There are many real estate investors who are not making it to their goals because of this kind of risk, and this is why, before you start processing the purchase of a property, you have to make sure that you will be capable indeed in paying it until the end or else, the bank will be happy. It will be the one to own the property instead and you will get nothing in return, even your down payment for that matter. You can hardly stand again.

The risks are not posted here to scare you from taking part in this industry. Instead, they are here so you will be warned and can contemplate in advance in case such situations will also happen to you. After all, no one is special here. We can all come across some hurdles.

So, do you think the property mentioned above is just what you need? If that is the case, you should check out the pictures on the website, or ask the seller to let you view the property in actuality. You have to bring with you a pro though so you will know where to check.