Perfect Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur Apartment As Per Your Choice

Ismail Saad
March 12, 2021

If you have come here, then you have decided to buy an apartment, and you have probably already looked at two million options and read several thousand articles on how to buy residential real estate correctly. You probably already know the differences between primary and secondary housing, you can confidently name all possible and impossible ways to buy an apartment, no matter where it will be located in Kuala Lampur. The realtors themselves could already consult you on how best to buy the Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur apartment or a condo for sale Pandan Indah near the metro. 

How many rooms?

As soon as you start thinking about purchasing an apartment, you first think about what kind of space you need. Will it be a one-room or two-room apartment, or you have a large family and the apartment should be three-room or even four-room. Nowadays, Euro format apartments are in great demand on the market, where the space is organized in such a way that the kitchen includes a living room. Euro-duplexes and Euro – boxes are a great option for both families with children and the older generation, when after talking with guests, you can go to your room to relax, that’s why studio apartments are so inconvenient for older people that are great for young people. Student gatherings, discussions, meetings in a narrow circle, conversations, it’s probably in our blood to solve all issues in the kitchen, over tea with a cake or a glass of wine with a steak.

It doesn’t matter if the apartment is large or small, if it has a large kitchen, because it can replace both the rest room and the meeting room. Multi-room apartments stand apart in the acquisition of real estate – these are five-room or six- room premises, as a rule, with isolated rooms. 

Standard of living 

When choosing an apartment, we choose not only and not so much the real estate itself, but the standard of living. There are situations when there is hardly enough only for an inexpensive apartment, but at the same time your own, separate one. This is relevant when there is some kind of capital, and the person himself does not have a very high income, and at the same time understands that in the near future, an improvement in the financial situation is not expected.


After all, you must agree, a young family before the decree is hardly worth “getting into” a mortgage in order to buy an elite apartment. But when there is a stable average income and at least a small “financial cushion”, then instead of an economy-class apartment, you should try and buy a comfort-class apartment, and then more than once, and not twice, you will be grateful to yourself that you have made such a decision.

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