House For Rent: How You Can Choose

Ismail Saad
March 15, 2021

You buy a house based on your budget, your family situation and your preferences. Malaysia has a wealth of architectural styles, neighborhoods and residential forms. But where does the Malaysian prefer to live? What does the buyers and tenants checklist look like? Choosing the Mont Kiara property is perfect here.

A pleasant neighborhood is at the top of the buyers ‘and tenants’ checklist

More than 80% of the respondents attach great importance to this. Especially buyers and tenants between 25 and 34 years old put the emphasis on this. They even consider the environment more important than the house or apartment itself!

A prestigious neighborhood or beautiful municipality is not always essential; good contact with the neighbors. In Wallonia, many go house hunting in a neighborhood where peers live; in Malaysia this is a less important criterion.

Choosing the style of your home

The Flemish turns out to be an outsider when it comes to architectural styles. About half of the Walloons opt for a uniform neighborhood and architectural style. The Fleming prefers to do their own thing: about 75% of those questioned attach little or no importance to an equal appearance.

More than 60% of those involved in Wallonia are willing to adapt their new-build house to the neighborhood. In Malaysia this is only 20%. The question is whether the same Fleming is happy when his neighbors perform architectural experiments.

Why you are going to live somewhere

Your network plays an important role. Many people buy a house close to their parents, friends or family. Even more important is the distance to your work, the heavy traffic ensures that homes near interesting connection points score higher. A quietly located condo near KLCC or metro station or a stone’s throw from the driveway of a motorway is ideal.

The cultural offer can be an argument for living somewhere. Of course, culture also includes catering. And of course your relationship plays a role; if one lives in Brussels and the other in Antwerp, you might build your nest together in Boom.

How do you get to know the neighborhood well?

You get to know a neighborhood best with a walk. This way you can feel the pulse of the neighborhood, discover nice mont kiara apartment and get to talk with local residents. Do you have less time? Then use online road maps with which you can virtually view streets. This way you prepare optimally online for the practical house hunt.