Different Types of Sex Toys

Ismail Saad
June 18, 2022

Sex toys can vary in many types. It can be either used internally or just externally. Although using sex toys is still a tabboo in today’s society, but little do people know that by using sex toys with your partner can make your sex life with your partner more exciting and you will get to explore more kinks with your partner. However, to explore more with sex toys, you will need to know which sex toy is the most suitable to explore with your partner. Here are some of the different types of sex toys you can use with your partner. You can also checkout Secret Cherry adult sex toy malaysia here.

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  1. Finger vibrators
  • These temptations, usually rubbery or ridged pads that you place over your fingertips, turn your hands into vibrators, each finger a dildo. They are typically made up of an adjustable ring with a pleasure pad. The more powerful the sensations, the larger the bullet.
  • It is easy to use this finger vibrator as you just need to put these shaky toys on your fingers. Many finger vibrators are textured, but when used raw against a clitoris or other sensitive areas, they can feel harsh. Trace the vibrators over your partner’s nipples, hips, inner thighs, and backside to tease them before applying it to more sensitive areas. Feel free to move it around on your finger. The lower it rests, the more control you’ll have.
  1. Dildos
  • Thrusting dildos, some of the latest and best sex toys to hit the market, penetrate by pulling back and expanding back and forth. They simulate penetrative sex whether applied vaginally or anally. A partner with thrusting dildos is usually unnecessary, especially if they come with a vibrator.
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  1. Strap-ons
  • This toy has two parts which are the harness and the dildo. The harness attaches to your crotch, allowing you to penetrate your partner with the flat-base strap-on dildo. These dildos can be laid flat and secured to a surface. They are even enjoyable without the harness.
  1. Vibrating Panties
  • These pulsing panties, a type of hands-free vibrator, make putting on your underwear as desirable as taking them off.
  • Vibrating panties are typically activated by being under a certain distance of the remote or smartphone. There are, however, a few variations with various parameters. Less sophisticated panties only have a compartment for a detachable bullet vibrator. To turn on and off the vibrator, you must directly stroke it.
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  1. Nipple Clamps
  • By applying stress and reducing blood flow, these tiny heads pinch down on your nipples, causing painful sexual stimulation. The bulkier the chain, the greater the strain on your nipples.
  • It is not that hard to use this sex toy. All you need to do is pinch your nipples and it’s done. Attachable clamps have a screw that allows you or your partner to adjust the pinch intensity. Clover nipple claims are not adjustable and are not appropriate for beginners. Some companies make magnetic nipple clamps that don’t require a chain or weight and can even be used as fake nipple piercings.