Content Writing As A Freelancer

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Ismail Saad
August 27, 2021

Do you have a flair for words? A deep love for storytelling? An unmatched talent for turning boring old numbers and scholarly journals that is in your data backup and recovery into short and effective blogs? Well, here is some exceptional news for you. You are ready to take on your first gig as a content writer on a freelancing platform. 

Starting up as a freelancer as a content writer is honestly easier said than done.  There are a number of steps we may have missed out on in the introduction that we will explore in the latter parts of this post. But first, what is content writing and why should you do it? A love for words may sometimes be enough but it goes a lot deeper than that. 

Content is key in the digital world. Today everyone is looking for competent writers who can make a bizarre statement on the internet. In an ocean full of millions of websites, standing out is only possible with good content. Marketers have the skills to speak to the google search engine but they need the assistance of a good content writer to speak to the audience. Connecting two worlds is how businesses achieve success on online platforms. 

The significance of content writers will not go down even if the world of automated copywriting and content writing becomes a mainstream thing. Human touch is desired in all corners of the business world. Only a competent content writer can deliver that. 

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So how can you set up your first steps into the freelance world of content writing? 

First of all, before even getting your first order or first client, you need to have your resume in hand. And you also need to have your own personal branding. When it comes to the resume, people often include it as a portfolio of work they have done over the years. Now considering this is your first time as a professional content writer, you may not have much to show for “experienced work” with a client. But you have the power to write and an open platform to do so. Use the power of the internet to put your content out there and place it in your portfolio. Make your own proposal of content writing ideas and give the potential clients a glimpse of your work to get them on board.

Now, coming to your personal branding, this is something incredibly crucial in the current digital climate. There are so many competitors in the content writing world and you need to stand out. You need to give a reason why you should be the one hired. In order to do this, you need to brand yourself with the qualities and characteristics that you promise to deliver to the client, many establish their own websites, a social media presence to create an outstanding brand presence. 

Now, it is time to put yourself out there. But with utmost confidence. There will be a lot of rejections on the way. But there will also be an equal number of opportunities. Sign up for a variety of freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer. It takes a long time before we can find success but it is not impossible.