Benefits Of Hotel Self Service Kiosks

Ismail Saad
March 16, 2022


A self-service kiosk allows tourists to start enjoying their vacation sooner. They have to wait in line and fill out paperwork that frequently contains information previously provided at the booking. Their passports may be scanned or their name, email, and booking number entered into a self-service kiosk.

Guests may also produce their own room keys using Enzosystems hospitality kiosks. This is a significant benefit for tired passengers searching for a hassle-free arrival.

Providing an automated check-out procedure has obvious advantages. For example, cruise ship passengers or those rushing late for a flight may leave without delay.


Self-service is misunderstood as reducing human interaction. Instead, it frees up workers to have more meaningful contact with visitors.

With an automated check-in kiosk, your hotel employees can concentrate on the important moments. It might be giving advise to a visitor planning a day excursion, responding to an urgent service problem, or just engaging in polite conversation.

All of these contacts enable your hotel to establish rapport and provide useful support to improve your entire stay.


Automated check-in increases upsell potential. Guests may easily upgrade their accommodation, receive special deals, and buy extras using a kiosk.

Because your front desk personnel is freed up, they may naturally offer enhancements and extra services. When visitors are more calm and settled, they will feel less pushed and more inclined to buy.

Also, customers may research hotel facilities and services at their leisure, increasing the chance of impulsive purchases. A busy front desk personnel may not have time to deliver all pertinent hotel information upon arrival.


Self-service kiosks may capture significant visitor data including room preferences, prior purchases, and special requests. Data can be accessible immediately since the kiosk is linked to the hotel PMS.

This data may also be used to create customised marketing emails with offers tailored to individual visitors’ tastes. Hotels may also anticipate and fulfil prior requests to improve the visitor experience and surpass expectations.


People increasingly prefer to connect with businesses and services on their terms. In fact, 66% of clients choose self-service over typical retail sales transactions.

It simply matches the expectations of customers who are accustomed to quick gratification, flexibility, and choice in their digital lives. Providing visitors with the same amount of control they have elsewhere can only help boost overall satisfaction.

Some kiosks also let users to pick several languages, making check-in easier for guests from abroad.

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