The Importance of The Internet

Ismail Saad
September 5, 2022
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Today, the internet is an imperative existence. We can’t imagine our lives without it. Transactions, work, shopping, and education – all of these need the internet to make our tasks easier. The internet assists us with facts and figures, information, knowledge, economics, connection, and social development. It’s also important to be where the internet coverage is the widest and fastest, which is why many would opt for an office place at cp tower Petaling Jaya

While there are lots of uses for the internet, why is it so important? 


Since the pandemic, most educational institutions opt for internet education. Educators would use software such as Zoom Meetings, Google Meet, and many more to conduct their classes. Additionally, by enrolling in online programs, students have access to free or inexpensive education on the internet. The internet is a big space for accessible knowledge, social connections, and many more for students who are eager to seek more information on many matters and subjects. 

Daily Tasks

Our daily errands have been seamless, thanks to the internet. Such assistance it provides includes helping us tend to our emails, notifications, money transfer, and food orders as well. 


Many businesses have opted to keep themselves online. They even provide ‘shopping cart’ icons for customers to collect their products before payments. A lot of shops, businesses, and services sell various products that could aid us in our daily chores or in events. Additionally, anybody can order products through the internet now with the assistance of the internet. 

Business Promotion

A lot of people are on the internet for many things. Hence, it is the perfect place to reach out to many people who aren’t in our social circle, region, and even the whole globe. As mentioned, a lot of businesses are online now. For a successful business, many have allowed e-commerce transactions in their business. With transactions so seamless, customers are likely to buy products online. Apart from that, promotions and marketings are able to reach out to more potential clients as well. 

Digital Transactions

Online transactions are now also possible. Internet banking, e-wallets, mobile banking, and transfers are simple with the existence of the internet. By storing digital transactions in a database, the government is better able to keep track of your income tax information, or income reports in the ITR. Additionally, it helps businesses as well with seamless transactions. Everything can be done remotely and only with the assistance of the internet, smartphone, laptop, and PC. 

Tour and Travels

Travelling is easier with the help of the internet as well. Bookings can be done online, and it could also serve as a guide. You can jot down your itineraries by just going to the websites of the places you’d like to visit and reading through their information.