How To Start A Vegan Life?

Ismail Saad
August 28, 2021
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Are you considering becoming a vegan? But you have no idea where and how to start? Well, this article is exactly what you need now because we will tell you what you need to know before starting a vegan life. 

First of all, what is vegan? Living a vegan life is more than just not eating any food that is related to animals. It is a lifestyle where we try to excludes all types of animal exploitation and animal cruelty. Whether it is through foods, beauty products, personal care products, and others. 

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To start a vegan lifestyle, these are some of the tips that you might want to know. 

Start Slowly and Consistently

Immediately removing all of the meats and dairy from your diets can be hard for you physically, mentally, and also emotionally.  So, what you need to do is start slowly by reducing the intake of any animals related foods from your diet. Over time, you can slowly reduce more, and soon you can stop your intake of animal-related foods like meat, dairy, and eggs. 

Increase Your Veggies and Fruits Intake 

Now that you have to decrease your intake of meat diets, you need to increase your intake of veggies and fruits. You can also add beans to your diet to make sure that you are receiving the proper nutrients. If you are lazy you can just order fruit delivery online Malaysia, and it will be sent to your house ASAP!

Stock Up

You might get hungry constantly now that you have changed your diet. So, you need to make sure that you are stock up with many vegan food and snacks. You can stock up with veggies or fruits that are easy for you to snack on like baby carrot, strawberries, and beans. These snacks are good for your health and they will make you stay full longer. 

Read The Ingredients List 

When you are doing grocery shopping make sure that you are reading the ingredients list. Sometimes it might not be any animal-related food but the ingredients to make the food can consists of animal fat, eggs, or other animal-related ingredients. So, make sure that you are double-checking the ingredients. 

Take A Blood Test 

You might be wondering why do you need to take a blood test? Well, now that you have cut some food intake in your diet you need to see what are the other option for you to be getting that needed nutrients. You can start by eating vitamins or supplement for the needed nutrients. 

Choose Vegan-Friendly Food

Now that many people have chosen the vegan lifestyle there are plenty of foods that are vegan-friendly. For example, since you no longer can drink milk because it is produced by animals you can opt for other types of milk like almond milk, oat milk, and cashew milk. Not only does it taste good but it is also good for you and people that are not vegan are also starting to choose vegan-friendly food because they taste better and is healthier. 


Lastly, all you gotta do is enjoy the new lifestyles. Make sure that you are truly enjoying it then you will realize how fun and easy being vegan is. 

Content Writing As A Freelancer

Ismail Saad
August 27, 2021
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Do you have a flair for words? A deep love for storytelling? An unmatched talent for turning boring old numbers and scholarly journals that is in your data backup and recovery into short and effective blogs? Well, here is some exceptional news for you. You are ready to take on your first gig as a content writer on a freelancing platform. 

Starting up as a freelancer as a content writer is honestly easier said than done.  There are a number of steps we may have missed out on in the introduction that we will explore in the latter parts of this post. But first, what is content writing and why should you do it? A love for words may sometimes be enough but it goes a lot deeper than that. 

Content is key in the digital world. Today everyone is looking for competent writers who can make a bizarre statement on the internet. In an ocean full of millions of websites, standing out is only possible with good content. Marketers have the skills to speak to the google search engine but they need the assistance of a good content writer to speak to the audience. Connecting two worlds is how businesses achieve success on online platforms. 

The significance of content writers will not go down even if the world of automated copywriting and content writing becomes a mainstream thing. Human touch is desired in all corners of the business world. Only a competent content writer can deliver that. 

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So how can you set up your first steps into the freelance world of content writing? 

First of all, before even getting your first order or first client, you need to have your resume in hand. And you also need to have your own personal branding. When it comes to the resume, people often include it as a portfolio of work they have done over the years. Now considering this is your first time as a professional content writer, you may not have much to show for “experienced work” with a client. But you have the power to write and an open platform to do so. Use the power of the internet to put your content out there and place it in your portfolio. Make your own proposal of content writing ideas and give the potential clients a glimpse of your work to get them on board.

Now, coming to your personal branding, this is something incredibly crucial in the current digital climate. There are so many competitors in the content writing world and you need to stand out. You need to give a reason why you should be the one hired. In order to do this, you need to brand yourself with the qualities and characteristics that you promise to deliver to the client, many establish their own websites, a social media presence to create an outstanding brand presence. 

Now, it is time to put yourself out there. But with utmost confidence. There will be a lot of rejections on the way. But there will also be an equal number of opportunities. Sign up for a variety of freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer. It takes a long time before we can find success but it is not impossible. 

The Drainage System of A Building

Ismail Saad
August 23, 2021
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The drainage problems are a knowledge that the ancients have inherited through their experience and passed it on to us. The drainage and flood control system of a city is an indispensable part in urban construction planning. Urban drainage system construction’s contents are diverse, big to road and roadside ditch drainage, while small to a house drainage. 

If you’ve been camping in the wild, you would know that when we build a tent, we usually dig a trench around the tent to prevent rainwater from entering the tent if it rains. Isn’t this an interesting tidbit? In the same way, our houses need to be supported by a drainage system, otherwise we in rainy Malaysia will worry about the flood in our yards everyday.

The basic equipment attached to the interior of a building includes water supply and drainage system. Among them, the construction of the house drainage system can be subdivided, respectively for the drainage system outside the building and the drainage system inside the building. 

The drainage system in the building is used to eliminate the waste water and excrement in our daily lives. Sanitary wastewater is usually directly discharged into the city drainage pipe, and the fecal sewage is usually discharged into the city drainage pipe after it goes through the septic tank. 

On the contrary, the drainage system outside the building refers to the roof drainage. Roof drainage can be divided into external drainage system and internal drainage system according to the different installation position of the roof rainwater pipe.

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The external drainage system means that there is no conductor head on the roof and no rainwater pipe in the building to discharge rainwater. According to whether the roof has a gutter, the system can be divided into eaves drainage devices and gutter drainage devices.

  • Eaves drainage device is usually used for residential buildings, public buildings with small roof areas and single-span industrial buildings. The rainwater on the roof collects in the eaves trench of the roof, and then flows into the rain falling pipe along the eaves trench, and then drains down to the underground trench or the ground.
  • Gutter drainage devices are usually used to remove rainwater from large roofs, especially multi-span roofs. The gutters on the roof receive rainwater from the roof. Rainwater runs through a standpipe outside the walls from the gutter to both ends of the building, and then to the ground.

The internal drainage system means that the roof is equipped with a conductor head, rainwater collected into the standpipe through the conductor head, and then discharged into the urban drainage pipe through the in-built drainage pipes of the building, or directly discharged into the outdoor through hanging pipes.

Due to the multiple shapes of modern buildings, it is recommended to use the gutter drainage system for the roof drainage. Gutter drainage is safe and reliable, will not cause roof leakage by poor construction, and the construction is simple, and can also reduce the buried depth of the house rainwater pipe. 

On the other hand, structural load increases as the gutter has a certain slope and is longer, with a standpipe outside the wall, and also with the cause of a thick roof cushion. Therefore, if the roof accumulates dust, it will cause gutter obstruction and damage. In addition, due to the rainy and sunny weather, the gutter repair in Malaysia needs to be promoted to more people.

Cement Industry in Malaysia

Ismail Saad
August 18, 2021
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The cement industry in Malaysia is constrained by the construction industry. When the overall construction industry has a good development prospect, the cement industry is on the rise. If the development prospects of the overall construction industry are depressed, the cement industry will be hit by the market depression and therefore, the development of the cement industry has great uncertainty.

Since 2013, when China promoted the Belt and Road Initiative, Malaysia and China have focused the cooperation between the two countries on infrastructure construction with as many as 100 project agreements have been signed, which has brought a positive impact on Malaysia’s construction industry, and almost all of the enterprises involved in each major project believe that the development prospect will be supremely good. Unfortunately, our country’s political unrest in 2018, political instability and the society from all walks of life questions about the use of government finances. This leads Malaysia to suspend a lot of large cooperation projects. Companies who participated in the project were forced to shut down, thus facing the enterprise financial and data flow problems. The construction industry has registered huge losses. As a result, the cement industry was forced to influence.

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In addition, we are now facing an epidemic. It forced businesses to face repeated closures and openings, thus for those cement companies who originally haven’t recovered from the 2018 hit facing a bleak prospect for development. There are not many cement producers in Malaysia, so the channels for resellers, agents and retailers in the market are extremely limited. Today, the difficulties faced by cement companies directly affect the small and medium-sized enterprises that have business dealing with them.

It can be seen that the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia needs the support of government policies if they are willing to survive during the epidemic period. Otherwise, when the epidemic is completely eliminated, the development situation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia will be in a desperate state.

As well as being used in local construction, cement Malaysia is also exported to foreign countries. The sad thing is that Malaysia’s export market for cement has also been limited as foreign demand for cement has shrunk due to the growth of their own cement production and the slow development of the construction industry.

By hook or by crook, it is hoped that various projects can be started smoothly when the epidemic is over, so that the whole industry, whether it is the construction industry or the cement industry, can be revitalized.

Getting Familiar with Search Optimization Strategy

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In these times where earning money online in whatever ways is already viral, everyone who is into this thing is trying to find the most unique yet still very effective way to make sure they will reach the end of the ladder. But doing so is actually easier said than done, because of the congested situation in the internet world. The thing is, no matter how much you will strategize, still you will find that you are not alone in your idea. So, what you need to tell yourself then is to be patient and persevere if you really want to be one of those who are already there. 

One of the best ways to elevate your site is through search optimization. Now, how is this search optimization done? This is actually a process that can affect the visibility of your site. With the right keywords, there is a chance your site will appear a number of times when a visitor will choose one of them to search for. For example, if you’re showcasing women’s apparel on your site, then there is a chance every time someone will look for the same things, your site will appear as one of the choices. 

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But the thing is you are not the only one doing this, in fact, almost every website owner is into this                              kind of strategy. So, what are you going to do to even make your site be one of the top ten choices for every visitor that will search with one of your keywords?  If you are new to this business, it will certainly be hard for you to understand much more to utilize this strategy. Good thing there are also a number of websites who can help you in this ordeal. What they can do to your site is really amazing; you will be surprised with the result. They will not only help you in elevating the status of your website, you will be learning from them as well so that in the future, you can do it on your own and will not need their services anymore. 

And to complete your marketing strategy, you also need to ensure that you are backed up with a web design services in Malaysia team as they will be the ones who can ensure your redirected customers will stay longer in your site. They will make them feel comfortable. Be sure to visit Republic Web Design!