How To Make Your Studies Productive

Ismail Saad
April 24, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are studying for hours but not really actually studying?

Well, you’re not the only one. We are all familiar with this phenomenon. Studying can feel like a chore if you don’t enjoy it. It can be the best thing in the world if it is something you love doing. Studying can be extremely hard on some of us while on the other hand, it is extremely easy. 

Different people study in different ways. Some can study with music, some study in a cafe’, some indeed utter silence to efficiently study. Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to their favorite method. It is also heavily dependent on what we are studying and what we are majoring in. if you are studying communications, or marketing to later work in a branding agency malaysia, or you are studying to become a doctor, later on, there is a difference in the difficulty of what you have to study. 

A marketing student cannot compare themselves to the study load of a medical student. But of course, no matter if the study and workload are big or small, unproductive studying will not result in fruitful results. How can you improve your studies and be more productive with your studies? 

Building A Study Routine 

A routine is important for all students. A routine can help you become a more self-disciplined individual. One’s own self-discipline is not only helpful to their studies. But it is also helpful in building our career in the future. But for now, we can start to practice this discipline right at home with our studies. If we start to start every day at 8 AM, our body and brain are slowly getting accumulated to start getting ready to study at 8 AM. Our brain picks up on habits easily and learns to apply them. 

Join A Virtual Study Room 

Are you someone who cannot study alone? Or someone who needs a little bit of extra motivation to study? Being in the presence of others can help us study even if it means they are studying something else. When you see someone else study, you also get motivated to study. With the ongoing pandemic it became impossible to join group studies in cafe’s or in  our friend’s home. So a virtual cafe is perfect for those who need some support from groups to study. 

Take Frequent Breaks 

IT is impossible to stay productive when we overwork ourselves. We get tired, overworked and fatigued if we study continuously with no breaks. We even get bored if we study with no breaks. Some studies suggest that when studying we can take the method of taking five minutes interval breaks after every fifteen minutes of studying. Some advice is to study for fifteen minutes and spend another five minutes relaxing and spend the next fifteen minute revising what you studied earlier. This is also a method of productivity that worked for many. 

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What You Could Be As An IT Specialist

Ismail Saad
April 19, 2021

You see, there are a lot of positions you could specialize in when you study Information Technology (IT). Some people think that IT specialists don’t do much and can’t earn a lot. But did you know, in Malaysia, you could earn RM 3 000 to RM 5 000 per month, with the right skills and experience. Who would not want that? In this economy, we need jobs that pay well in order to survive, especially in a pandemic. 

For instance, you could even work in the best pentest companies with the correct degree. You could check out for more information on that.

So, I’m sure if you’re into analysing data and building networks, you would be great in the IT world. Thus, with your passion for IT, here are some roles within the industry you could opt for:

Network Administration

A network or computer system administrator is responsible for the daily management of those networks. For instance, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), as well as network segments and other data transmission systems, are some of the computer systems they are in charge of, especially to organize or maintain those systems or update and install networks. One of their main roles is basically to ensure that the flow of communications and information within those network systems remain smooth.

Database Analysis

People who work in database analysis do everything regarding the database of the company you’re working for. For instance, if you work in a buyer-seller type company, you would be responsible for organizing data that includes purchases, payments, shipping history, as well as day-to-day expenses. Database analysers make sure that operations are going smoothly by keeping track of all that data. Also, after analyzing the data, they provide that data for the people involved for the required security procedures and whatnot. Moreover, in any event of a power outage or other threats, these database analysts make sure that the data is backed up and ready to restore.

Cloud Computing

Every company that require IT specialists usually have a certain department that handles the transfer of their systems or files to cloud storage. This is not simply transferring files or purchasing cloud storage to store more files. This field in the IT industry requires a person to build a cloud computing system based on the company’s needs. Therefore, customizing the cloud system for the company to fit their needs as well as be suitable to store any database is an important job that requires a lot of skill and attention. 


Cybersecurity is important, especially nowadays where people are getting more and more creative with the ways they hack or sabotage other networks. Believe it or not, the Internet, of all places, is one of the most dangerous places. Threats of hackers, thieves and any other illegal activity you can think of, lives in the depths of the Internet. Moreover, cyberattacks or breaches in the system can be very costly. I feel like a lot of companies value IT students who specialize in cybersecurity to ensure their network systems are all protected from any threat. 

In a nutshell, if you have a passion for the IT industry, I’m sure you will find a position you could specialize in and do for a living. Remember, your dream job does not come overnight and sometimes, you just have to dabble! Take your time to discover which part of the IT industry you’re most passionate about and go from there. You just have to keep in mind that there are a wide variety of departments you could go for in the IT industry. 

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Hobbies That Can Actually Change Lives

Ismail Saad
April 14, 2021
diving course malaysia

We all have an activity we love that we do not mind devoting most of our time just to be able to put our hands and focus on. Beneficial or not, as long as it does not harm others and we find happiness doing so, we should always strive for it. That said though, do you think your hobby actually brings benefit to your lives in any ways possible? Just imagine being very fond of activity and finding out that it does nothing to ameliorate your livelihood; it sure sounds like a waste of time to me. There actually exist beneficial hobbies that you can consider getting yourself involved with to improve some aspects of your lives, here are some suggestions. 


Many find reading mundane and dull because it requires nothing else but your eyes and concentration fixed on words; not many people have the patience for it. However, once you find passion in reading, you will start noticing changes in your lives. One of which is that you begin taking things at a slower phase to an extent where you do not crave immediate results. Being able to know results in a blink of an eye may sound convenient and efficient, but without the journey, what is there to enjoy despite achieving success? Success is a milestone but the journey full of ups and downs is where you learn. The same concept applies to reading, there may be hundreds of chapters till the very end, but all of these chapters are filled with comprehensive details and emotions that you need for the full experience. 


Many are fond of swimming but merely take it as a leisure activity. Mastering the skill of swimming not only provides you with physical satisfaction but also equips you with the essential skills to rescue yourself or others in case of drowning. Imagine you happened to come into encounters with a drowning incident and you are better at swimming than anybody else in the scene, you are able to save a precious life. It may be just a hobby for you, but to those who do not know how to swim, drowning is a life-or-death situation to them. That is why many parents in the US get their adolescents joining swimming classes at a fairly young choice, it is to prepare them for the worst-case scenario in which nobody can ever predict its transpiration. Suppose you are already an expert in swimming and wish to take it to another level for an upgraded experience, head over to diving course malaysia to open up your very first door to scuba diving. 

Bottom Line

You are allowed to get your head in the game on whatever you are fond of doing, in the meantime, however, consider something more beneficial to make it even more wholesome.

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Look for the Smartest Segment for the Right House For Sale

Ismail Saad
April 12, 2021

It is not advisable to rent out an apartment in the Malaysia such as ara damansara property if you live on the coast yourself. This is not ideal from a practical point of view. It is time consuming if you have to spend a few hours in the car to solve a problem. It is therefore best to choose a property near your own place of residence.

Make sure your belongings are close together

Are you investing in several houses or apartments to rent out? Then you better ensure that they are not too far apart. This makes it much easier to manage them. This way you don’t waste unnecessary travel time. As you can find the ara damansara house for sale you can get the best choices right here.

At the same time, it is not wise if all your belongings are too close to each other. It is better to buy investment properties such as ara damansara house for rent in a number of neighboring municipalities. This way you spread the risk. Imagine: there is suddenly an oversupply of rental houses or apartments in the municipality where your buildings are located. Then you run the risk that not all your homes will be rented out. In another municipality there may be no oversupply at that time. Your home will easily be rented out there.

Buy in neighborhoods where you feel safe

As a landlord, you must occasionally visit the property that you are renting out. That is why it is important that you also feel safe in the city or neighborhood where your building is located . However, this does not mean that you should always avoid certain neighborhoods. If you are able to upgrade your investment property, you will undoubtedly get a good return on it later.

Have you found your dream home and are you ready to buy? Perhaps you are so enthusiastic that you are willing to offer the asking price or even more to ensure that your potential buyers are ahead of the curve. As much as you want a house, it is not wise to let your emotions take over. Buying a house is a major investment and you do that best with your feelings and your mind.

Discover The Buyer’s Motivation

Sellers want to sell their home. Some have time for a long process, others are under attack because they have already made an offer for another house, they have to move or because their personal situation has changed. Hence, it is a good idea to ask their broker why they are selling. You may not get a direct response, especially if the seller has urged the broker not to disclose this information, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. For more articles like this one, click here.

The Essential Tasks Of The Medical Assistant

Ismail Saad
April 9, 2021

Known as “the allies in medicine,” they have become an elementary part of the medical office team. The Physician Assistant is a staple of modern medical practice, and they are frequently employed in the hospital setting, as well as in general medicine and specialty practices. Your duties may vary considerably depending on the size and type of medical or medical practice in which you are employed. If you are interested in health courses other than medical, you can check out diploma in sports management malaysia

Providing healthcare is an important job and this career is reserved for the individual who truly wants to make a difference. In fact, many contractors conduct criminal background checks on those who wish to pursue this profession due to the proximity to the patient.

Essential tasks

The professional medical assistant is prepared, academically and clinically, to provide health care services under the responsible direction and supervision of a physician or osteopath. The functions of the professional medical assistant include diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive, and health maintenance services.

Post completing degree from Widad college medical assistant is able to perform a combination of administration and patient-matched functions, from answering the phone to collecting samples. The most common functions would be taking the patient’s vital signs, preparing them for analysis, scheduling appointments and contacting patients. Some specialize in a certain area of ​​patient care or administration, while others perform a variety of duties throughout the day.

Rights and responsibilities of medical assistants:

  • Removal of sutures.
  • Act as the doctor’s liaison.
  • Preparation and administration of medications, instruct patients in taking medications.
  • Keeping patients at ease in the hospital.
  • Coding of medical and office supplies and procedures.
  • Checking the height, weight, temperature and blood pressure of patients.
  • Changing patient dressings.
  • Answering phone calls, organizing doctor’s schedules.


The Medical Assistant is a medical professional capable of performing administrative and clinical tasks under the supervision of a certified physician. Depending on the specialty, a physician assistant is especially employed in a medical clinic, hospital, or private medical office.

Clinical skills: responsible for registering patients’ medical records, taking vital signs, including temperature, pulse and blood pressure. Under the direction of your doctor, you administer the medicine, draw blood, and remove stitches. It also explains the doctor’s instructions.

Administrative Skills: Create and maintain patient records, keep files organized and intact. Knowledge of accounting, since among his tasks is the management of financial records.

Communication Skills: Medical Assistants are responsible for making patients feel at home and comfortable, and they must have the ability to converse clearly, concisely, accurately, and calmly especially in emergency situations.

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