Types of concrete additives and their applications

Ismail Saad
March 23, 2021

In the construction sector, many technical solutions are used to facilitate and optimize the processes of elaboration of large-scale works. In this sense, the concrete admixture Malaysia has undoubtedly been one of those materials that cannot be absent due to its great potential and flexibility for the construction of all types of buildings.

Functions of the Concrete Additive

Generally speaking, concrete admixtures are liquid chemical compositions intended to be added to the water – cement mix, to reduce oxidation of the concrete, improve its setting time, or even to create new aesthetic effects.

Additives for Concrete, Mortar and Pastes. According to the standard. It defines them as: Product incorporated at the time of mixing the concrete in an amount not greater than 5% by mass, in relation to the cement content in the concrete, in order to modify the properties of the mixture in fresh and / or hardened.

In recent years, a large number of UNE standards have been completed, including the classification of said additives. 

The most widely used are:

Water reducers (fluidizers): those whose main function is to reduce the water content for a given workability, increase workability for the same water content without producing segregation or obtain both effects simultaneously.

Superfluidificantes (Superplastificantes): defined with the same effects as the previous ones, but with more considerable characteristics.

Setting accelerators: whose main function is to reduce or advance the setting time of cement (beginning and end), which is found in concrete, mortar or paste.

Setting retarders: those that delay the setting time (beginning and end) of cement, which is found in concrete, mortar or paste.

Hardening accelerators: used to increase or accelerate the development of the initial strengths of concrete, mortar or pastes.

Water-repellent (Water repellants): whose main function is to reduce the capillary absorption capacity or the amount of water that passes through a concrete, mortar or paste, saturated and subjected to a hydraulic gradient.

In addition to others such as: Air inclusors, gas generators, foam generators, deaerators or defoamers, expansion generators, pumping additives, additives for concrete and sprayed mortars, injection additives, colorants, corrosion inhibitors and reaction modifiers alkali-aggregates. For more articles like this one, click here.

Top 3 Horror Games

Ismail Saad
March 16, 2021

Horror games have been one of the best ways to get a scare for yourself ever since the horror genre was popularized by the vast amount of horror movies that have been made and released over the past century. Sometimes, horror games are even scarier than some of the horror movies that were made due to the immersion and feeling of dread when playing some of the best horror games. In this article, we will be listing some of the best horror games to play either on halloween, or in the middle of the night. Horror games have been a thing since the early days of the first PlayStation with the first Resident Evil video game.

Many other video games have also been developed and published by big video companies with many horror themes. Sometimes, these games borrow certain elements and characters from popular horror movies like Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Some of the best horror video games are also developed by indie developers and publishers. Being one of the smaller and more obscure games, these games can be regarded as one of the best made horror video games of all time. Such video games such as the Outlast, Amnesia, and Little Nightmares series, are highly regarded in the world of horror gaming. Horror games can also be a good way to take a break from working on mlm software for your mlm company. We will list down the top three horror games below.

  1. Until Dawn

We all saw a teen slash film anywhere (it’s difficult to escape) but in the gaming world it’s a kind of genre that’s quite unusual. It would probably be too difficult to make it right. Fortunately, Until Dawn is a game that manages with the video game style to combine slasher movie tropes. This special PS4 game takes a group of teens to a remote mountain cabin where they’ll be picked up one by one in a terrifying presence. The choice to choose the characters in the game is up to you, meaning that it is up to you to survive or die. Make the wrong call and that will be a grizzly end of your beloved character. Until Dawn is a perfect horror game and you will be genuinely scared while playing this game.

  1. Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight is a horror multiplayer experience in this list: one in which one person assumes the part of a wild mass murderer, and four others run away for their lives. It’s a spanning twist in the regular PvP fight and a host of original characters with either a survivor or a murderer’s advantages. There are several tricks and techniques to implement on each map and you can keep coming back with a character development scheme. You can also unlock or download characters from Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the Horror Junkies out there.

  1. Resident Evil 7

For the increasingly stale franchise, Resident Evil 7 was a blast of fresh air that brought a new perspective of both horror films and games while retaining the distinctive Resident Evil atmosphere. It also made the terror feel closer and more real by switching a view from third to first person thus leading to a truly fearsome VR experience being incorporated into the game. Resident Evil 7 was the addition of the horror franchise, which we all desired and worried we would not have, with a wonderful plot and tight gameplay. The popularity of the game and the recent remakes of previous games in the series are sufficient to make us feel that Capcom will now give us fear for some time yet. For more articles like this, click here.

House For Rent: How You Can Choose

Ismail Saad
March 15, 2021

You buy a house based on your budget, your family situation and your preferences. Malaysia has a wealth of architectural styles, neighborhoods and residential forms. But where does the Malaysian prefer to live? What does the buyers and tenants checklist look like? Choosing the Mont Kiara property is perfect here.

A pleasant neighborhood is at the top of the buyers ‘and tenants’ checklist

More than 80% of the respondents attach great importance to this. Especially buyers and tenants between 25 and 34 years old put the emphasis on this. They even consider the environment more important than the house or apartment itself!

A prestigious neighborhood or beautiful municipality is not always essential; good contact with the neighbors. In Wallonia, many go house hunting in a neighborhood where peers live; in Malaysia this is a less important criterion.

Choosing the style of your home

The Flemish turns out to be an outsider when it comes to architectural styles. About half of the Walloons opt for a uniform neighborhood and architectural style. The Fleming prefers to do their own thing: about 75% of those questioned attach little or no importance to an equal appearance.

More than 60% of those involved in Wallonia are willing to adapt their new-build house to the neighborhood. In Malaysia this is only 20%. The question is whether the same Fleming is happy when his neighbors perform architectural experiments.

Why you are going to live somewhere

Your network plays an important role. Many people buy a house close to their parents, friends or family. Even more important is the distance to your work, the heavy traffic ensures that homes near interesting connection points score higher. A quietly located condo near KLCC or metro station or a stone’s throw from the driveway of a motorway is ideal.

The cultural offer can be an argument for living somewhere. Of course, culture also includes catering. And of course your relationship plays a role; if one lives in Brussels and the other in Antwerp, you might build your nest together in Boom.

How do you get to know the neighborhood well?

You get to know a neighborhood best with a walk. This way you can feel the pulse of the neighborhood, discover nice mont kiara apartment and get to talk with local residents. Do you have less time? Then use online road maps with which you can virtually view streets. This way you prepare optimally online for the practical house hunt.

Perfect Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur Apartment As Per Your Choice

Ismail Saad
March 12, 2021

If you have come here, then you have decided to buy an apartment, and you have probably already looked at two million options and read several thousand articles on how to buy residential real estate correctly. You probably already know the differences between primary and secondary housing, you can confidently name all possible and impossible ways to buy an apartment, no matter where it will be located in Kuala Lampur. The realtors themselves could already consult you on how best to buy the Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur apartment or a condo for sale Pandan Indah near the metro. 

How many rooms?

As soon as you start thinking about purchasing an apartment, you first think about what kind of space you need. Will it be a one-room or two-room apartment, or you have a large family and the apartment should be three-room or even four-room. Nowadays, Euro format apartments are in great demand on the market, where the space is organized in such a way that the kitchen includes a living room. Euro-duplexes and Euro – boxes are a great option for both families with children and the older generation, when after talking with guests, you can go to your room to relax, that’s why studio apartments are so inconvenient for older people that are great for young people. Student gatherings, discussions, meetings in a narrow circle, conversations, it’s probably in our blood to solve all issues in the kitchen, over tea with a cake or a glass of wine with a steak.

It doesn’t matter if the apartment is large or small, if it has a large kitchen, because it can replace both the rest room and the meeting room. Multi-room apartments stand apart in the acquisition of real estate – these are five-room or six- room premises, as a rule, with isolated rooms. 

Standard of living 

When choosing an apartment, we choose not only and not so much the real estate itself, but the standard of living. There are situations when there is hardly enough only for an inexpensive apartment, but at the same time your own, separate one. This is relevant when there is some kind of capital, and the person himself does not have a very high income, and at the same time understands that in the near future, an improvement in the financial situation is not expected.


After all, you must agree, a young family before the decree is hardly worth “getting into” a mortgage in order to buy an elite apartment. But when there is a stable average income and at least a small “financial cushion”, then instead of an economy-class apartment, you should try and buy a comfort-class apartment, and then more than once, and not twice, you will be grateful to yourself that you have made such a decision.

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The Right Condo For Sale In Pandan Indah?

Ismail Saad
March 11, 2021

If a customer wants our real estate appraisal of a property, we examine all the documents before looking at the home. We do not only look at the condition report or the electrical installation report. We always contact the real estate agent before the inspection, and check up on both local plans, easements, oil tanks and much more. We also look at, for example, drawings of the home or its sewer conditions. These documents can often be found on either filarkiv.dk or Weblager.dk. You can do this study yourself. It took some time – but gives you important knowledge about the home.

Lay out a strategy and stick to it

When you have finished the initial exercises, lay out a strategy for the price negotiation and stick to it. Remember that negotiation can be about more than just price and money. Think about whether curtains, garden furniture, garden tools or the like can have value for you. Does the seller have to repair one or more things on the property before the takeover? Is there an oil tank to be examined or removed as part of the trade? Or could it be interesting for you to access the property before the takeover for, for example, painting or renovation?

It is important that you are sure at this point that it is the right home for you. Does the home live up to your needs? Is your “gut feeling” right? Can you see yourself in the home in 10 or 15 years? If these things are in place, then you are probably focusing on the right housing like Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur, but if you’re comfortable in another area, maybe you could check out apartment Puchong.

This is the real estate agent you need to negotiate with

He or she is a professional, and is often a very experienced dealer. That is why preparation is important. The real estate agent will try everything else to push you as much as possible. Therefore, it is important that your offer on the property is both realistic and that you have the arguments in place. Finally, it is important when negotiating a price that you do not “slam the door” and thus do not move forward if the seller does not want to go down to your price and you are at the same time willing to raise your bid.


It does not cost anything to contact the real estate agent and make an offer on the property. Your only risk is that the seller says no to the offer. If your offer is too low, there is a certain risk that the seller will be “offended”. It can create a bad climate of negotiation and may lead to the price ending up being too high or the seller refusing to sell to you. The latter, however, is very rare. You click here if you would like to read more articles from us.

What You Can Expect From A Pre-purchase Building Inspection

Ismail Saad
March 4, 2021

When you decide to buy the property for sale Ara Damansara, you surely want to make sure that you will get your money’s worth. But how can you achieve this? Just randomly checking the house is definitely not enough as some of the defects are camouflage. They are not readily visible like those structural defects that might only be felt once you start living in it. There are times when they owners know but they won’t disclose this to you and there are also times when they really have no idea. As you are the one who will then live in the house if you will push through with the purchase, you should be the one to initiate a way to check if it is indeed as good as it is advertised. How will you do it? 

You can have the Ara Damansara house for sale pre-inspected. Yes, this is in fact part now of the protocol when one is buying a house. Through proper pre-inspection, you will exactly know the condition of the house like if their defects, pest infestations and so on. Here are some of the things that can be expected during pre-inspection:

  • Checking the proper grading drainage away from the property
  • They will check if there is no proof of standing water
  • No proof of leaks from the septic tank or from the leech field
  • They will also check-in areas such as the yard, landscaping, walkways and see if they are in good condition
  • They will check the exterior structures such as the sheds, decks, fences, detached garages, retaining walls and see if they are in good condition and if there are proof of termite infestations
  • They will also check if the railings on stairs and decks are in good condition as well as secure

These are just some of the areas they will check. But aside from the ones mentioned here, they will also check in other areas. Basically, they will check every part of the house as they will make sure that their client will be well aware of what he is about to buy. 

You see, these inspectors are well aware of their situation and they know that in their business, competition is tough. This is why, they will really do their best to ensure that they can deliver and that they will meet the standards of their client. If you want to make sure that you will be buying a house that is as what you paid for, you must not hesitate to hire inspectors, not only building inspectors actually, but also pest inspectors. That is right as termites are one of the most destructive pests and sometimes, they are hard to detect.

Do you think a house is too big for you and your friend or partner? If that is the case, you should just check the Ara Damansara condo. Condos have limited space, so this should be perfect if there are only two of you. 

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How to Brand Your Business

Ismail Saad
March 1, 2021

If you own a business, no matter if it is small or big, you would always want your customers and potential customers to see your business with a good reputation. The good reputation would lead to better sales for the business itself. With the development of the internet has become more advanced than ever before, accessing information regarding something has become so much easier than ever before.  If your business has a bad reputation, people would hesitate to purchase products or services from your business. But if you have a good reputation, people would be more eager to look up your business on the internet and therefore, would hopefully lead them to become your loyal customers in the future.

Like mentioned earlier, internet development has reached its peak. With people able to literally access information from anywhere and anytime, it is also time for business owners to step up their marketing game.

For those who study or know about marketing, you would know that your business identity is one of the most important things to take care of. The use of your business identity would determine the steps of your branding stage. So, how exactly could you brand your business? Here are some of the ways that you could actually improve your business branding

  1. Build or improve your website

Website is one of the faces of your business. Website is basically like your business identity card to show around. Not only act as the identity, but the website also has lots of other functions too. You could put your contact number, email, and location on your website. You could even promote your products on your website. Lots of big businesses use their website to make a catalogue for their product and share about giveaways and discounts in it. Website is truly something that you should not miss for your business. If you are interested in web designing, check out this link to find more about the best website design company Penang

  1. Being active on social media

Not only in the website, but a business could also actually be active on social media in order to brand itself. Nowadays, everybody has social media. Look around you, everybody spent at least once in their leisure time scrolling through feeds in social media. As a smart business owner, you should see this as an opportunity. Seeing that many people are actually active on social media, you could actually introduce your products in there. Promoting your products, making your potential customers become familiar with your business, and even make a giveaway in social media are some of the things that you could do to brand your business.

In conclusion, branding your business is very crucial in the success factors of your business. Your business name is one of the major factors that would make a customer either buy your products or services or shy away from your business forever. Do more research and grab every opportunity that you could get to increase the reputation of your business. \

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