Hosting Percuma Di Muaturun.MY

Ismail Saad
February 4, 2019

Hosting Percuma Di Muaturun.MY

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Purchasing Both Disability And Life Insurance At The Same Time

Ismail Saad
June 23, 2022
invest in life and disability insurance policy malaysia

Disability insurance makes sure that you and your family are financially secured while you are still living, in contrast to life insurance, which protects your family from loss of income after your death. If you become disabled and are unable to work, the disability insurance coverage will replace your income. It is a crucial component of your financial security strategy, along with life insurance. So, invest in life and disability insurance policy malaysia now!

Applying for a policy when you’re looking for life insurance makes the procedure much simpler if you don’t already have long-term disability insurance. Life insurance applications take five to six weeks, while disability insurance applications take four to six weeks on average. The medical examination can be used for each application process.

What does life insurance cover?

If you pass away, life insurance replaces your income for your beneficiaries. For anyone with dependents, it is a necessary type of financial protection to ensure that they do not suffer financially as a result of losing a breadwinner.

Medical expenses, funeral expenses, mortgage payments, college tuition, student loan repayments, and even vacations can all be covered by the life insurance death benefit. Your family and dependents can use the money as they want because life insurance benefits are frequently tax-free.

What does disability insurance cover?

Long-term disability insurance is a type of income replacement, much like life insurance. Long-term disability insurance, however, safeguards your income while you’re still alive, in contrast to life insurance. The long-term disability benefits pay out roughly 1-3 percent of your wage for the period of time indicated in your policy if an accident or illness prevents you from working.

One in four people experiences a disability at some point while they are employed, therefore the likelihood of being incapacitated at some point in your career is high. Examples of illnesses that may make it difficult for someone to work include cancer, back and muscle discomfort, depression, and anxiety.

Why you ought to submit a joint application for life and disability insurance

Applying for life insurance and long-term disability insurance are both fairly comparable processes. By submitting applications for both at once, you can save spending months going through the same process twice and guarantee that you have all the financial protection you need.

The following steps in the underwriting process are necessary for both insurance policies to provide coverage:

  • a quick phone interview to determine your eligibility and the level of coverage you require.
  • a medical examination to evaluate your health and establish your payment amount.
  • An APS, or attending physician’s statement, is used to gather details regarding any unanswered medical queries.

Your salary and occupation are typically also questioned throughout the disability insurance underwriting procedure. To obtain coverage that meets your financial needs, you could be asked to present documentation of your income.

Because each insurance company has slightly different underwriting guidelines, disability insurance rates and life insurance prices vary for each insurer. High blood pressure may result in a higher premium from one insurer, while your family history may be more important to another. Because an agent can analyse both applications and discover the best rates for your life insurance and disability insurance coverage, working with an independent broker like Policygenius simplifies the process.

invest in life and disability insurance policy malaysia

When it comes to organising your fridge, there are things that no one tells you

Ismail Saad
June 21, 2022
buy refrigerator organization bins malaysia

Now that we are adults and have a more mature perspective on things, we find that having a tidy home provides me both peace and a feeling of achievement. In contrast, cleaning the refrigerator was never a part of my weekly routine. Everything that happened in the fridge remained in the fridge. However, one day, we decided to fully clean the appliance, and when we did, we was astonished by the level of grime and the number of expired goods we found there. Food that had been forgotten about ended up in my refrigerator, which was more like a cemetery than a refrigerator.

That experience prompted me to learn how to organise and clean a refrigerator effectively in order to preserve the freshness of the foods we was storing. Ten things I’ve learned thus far:

A refrigerator that is almost full is significantly worse than one that is nearly empty

You need to clear your refrigerator if you’re constantly afraid something may fall out when you open the door, and not only because you could be a food hoarder. If you pack your refrigerator to the brim, you’ll waste food, clog air vents, reduce circulation, and lower the refrigerator’s energy efficiency. Having said that, if your refrigerator is almost empty, you may want to consider adding a few bottles of cold water to help the device maintain its cool temps. It’s best to keep your fridge at around two-thirds capacity, so go for it. You can buy refrigerator organization bins malaysia there with all the options.

If you buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables, you do it at your own risk.

If you want to encourage your family to eat more healthfully, you may want to consider cleaning and slicing your fruits and veggies before placing them in the fridge. As a result of the increased surface area, food that has been sliced will deteriorate more rapidly. If you can, wait until just before you eat to wash and cut your food so that it is fresh.

If you store milk in the refrigerator’s front door, you’re doing something wrong

In your refrigerator, the inside of the door and the uppermost shelf are the warmest areas. Because milk has a short shelf life and is sensitive to spoilage, it should be kept on the middle shelf, where temperatures are more stable. If you have an egg compartment on your door, eggs should not be kept there. Garb your refrigerator’s door with vinegar and salt-heavy condiments. It’s also a good idea to make advantage of any refrigerator features like compartments for dairy and sandwich meats. Snacks and any leftovers may be stored on the top shelf.

Your fruits and veggies don’t get along well with each other in the kitchen.

If you have a modern refrigerator, you’re likely to find two separate drawers for fruits and vegetables. The temptation to move some greens from a full vegetable drawer to the fruit side may be strong on days when there is a farmers market, but you should resist the urge. Why? Veggies take longer to wilt when there is a lot of moisture, thus the fruit drawer has a lower humidity level than the vegetable drawer (fruits rot slower in low humidity). In addition, the ethylene released by fruits may speed up the rotting of leafy green vegetables if they are stored together in the same region of the refrigerator.

buy refrigerator organization bins malaysia

Different Types of Sex Toys

Ismail Saad
June 18, 2022

Sex toys can vary in many types. It can be either used internally or just externally. Although using sex toys is still a tabboo in today’s society, but little do people know that by using sex toys with your partner can make your sex life with your partner more exciting and you will get to explore more kinks with your partner. However, to explore more with sex toys, you will need to know which sex toy is the most suitable to explore with your partner. Here are some of the different types of sex toys you can use with your partner. You can also checkout Secret Cherry adult sex toy malaysia here.

Secret Cherry adult sex toy malaysia
  1. Finger vibrators
  • These temptations, usually rubbery or ridged pads that you place over your fingertips, turn your hands into vibrators, each finger a dildo. They are typically made up of an adjustable ring with a pleasure pad. The more powerful the sensations, the larger the bullet.
  • It is easy to use this finger vibrator as you just need to put these shaky toys on your fingers. Many finger vibrators are textured, but when used raw against a clitoris or other sensitive areas, they can feel harsh. Trace the vibrators over your partner’s nipples, hips, inner thighs, and backside to tease them before applying it to more sensitive areas. Feel free to move it around on your finger. The lower it rests, the more control you’ll have.
  1. Dildos
  • Thrusting dildos, some of the latest and best sex toys to hit the market, penetrate by pulling back and expanding back and forth. They simulate penetrative sex whether applied vaginally or anally. A partner with thrusting dildos is usually unnecessary, especially if they come with a vibrator.
Secret Cherry adult sex toy malaysia
  1. Strap-ons
  • This toy has two parts which are the harness and the dildo. The harness attaches to your crotch, allowing you to penetrate your partner with the flat-base strap-on dildo. These dildos can be laid flat and secured to a surface. They are even enjoyable without the harness.
  1. Vibrating Panties
  • These pulsing panties, a type of hands-free vibrator, make putting on your underwear as desirable as taking them off.
  • Vibrating panties are typically activated by being under a certain distance of the remote or smartphone. There are, however, a few variations with various parameters. Less sophisticated panties only have a compartment for a detachable bullet vibrator. To turn on and off the vibrator, you must directly stroke it.
Secret Cherry adult sex toy malaysia
  1. Nipple Clamps
  • By applying stress and reducing blood flow, these tiny heads pinch down on your nipples, causing painful sexual stimulation. The bulkier the chain, the greater the strain on your nipples.
  • It is not that hard to use this sex toy. All you need to do is pinch your nipples and it’s done. Attachable clamps have a screw that allows you or your partner to adjust the pinch intensity. Clover nipple claims are not adjustable and are not appropriate for beginners. Some companies make magnetic nipple clamps that don’t require a chain or weight and can even be used as fake nipple piercings.

Have a Successful Bakery Business With These Tips

Ismail Saad
June 17, 2022

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet meal that refreshes their palate and satisfies their sweet tooth? Isn’t that true for everyone? This is why there has been an increase in the number of bakeries. This may also be attributed to the fact that technological advancements have allowed many home bakers to demonstrate their baking skills and manage lucrative home bakeries. Here’s everything you need to know about starting a bakery. In this post, we’ll provide you with bakery business advice that can help you succeed. While doing that, consider getting restaurant mobile payment system malaysia .

You Should Use These Bakery Business Tips

restaurant mobile payment system malaysia

While running a bakery business is difficult, it is even more difficult to do all necessary to ensure that your shop succeeds. Read on to learn how you may improve your bakery’s operations.

1. Have a well-organized financial sheet

One method to keep your ovens burning and your cash registers overflowing is to have comprehensive bakers insurance in place. The bakeries who plan for emergencies and prepare for them are the ones that are always ready and can expand. As a result, carefully plan your restaurant’s operations. Maintain a precise expenditure sheet detailing how much money is spent on maintenance, purchasing raw supplies, and paying your employees on a monthly basis.

2. Attractiveness is based on diversity.

restaurant mobile payment system malaysia

Bring out creative bakery goods, and you’ll be sure to draw in consumers. You may be creative not only with things in your store, but also with layout. Mobile dessert food trucks, for example, have grown more popular in several places. It is also common for businesses to hire bakers to provide catering services. Catering on birthdays and holidays is also a terrific way to get your name out there.

You could also try creating an online storefront or selling your baked goods over the internet to grab the population that hangs out on social media sites.

It’s always excellent to have big aspirations, but be sure they’re ones that you can really achieve.

3. You Must Have a Website

Your bakery business must have a website in order to have a respectable internet presence. People looking for bakery items will be able to locate your bakery more readily if your website is optimized and well-designed according to SEO standards. Your bakery business will naturally help you increase sales once it becomes conveniently available to all of your clients. Because optimizing your website and making it SEO friendly is a difficult undertaking, it is advised that you seek expert assistance. 

You can also use other Tech-friendly gadgets and instruments like restaurant mobile payment system Malaysia. You can definitely upgrade your business.  

4. Make a social media page

Following social media is the most effective technique to attract and capture the massive crowds that swarm these platforms. As a result, make sure you’ve set up company pages on social and that you’re updating and optimizing them on a regular basis. Post images and videos of your restaurant’s activities on a regular basis. You can also get evaluations and comments from these pages, which will help you fine-tune your bakery’s operations even more.

Choosing the Right Office Space: What’s the Best Way to Do It?

Ismail Saad
June 15, 2022
Bangunan pejabat di PJ

In light of the current economic climate, renting office space may be more profitable than you realise. Renting office space, historically considered a last-ditch option by companies of all types, is suddenly becoming more appealing to them. Your company may benefit from renting office space for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

Make a purchase of some kind.
Bangunan pejabat di PJ

There are innumerable unforeseen situations that may emerge, and even if you buy an office, you won’t be prepared for all of them. Renting office space allows you the freedom to tailor your workplace to your company’s needs. After two months, you may find yourself needing an extra 15 square metres of space. It’s far easier to just find a bigger space and work out a new lease with the landlord than it is to sell your current workplace and move elsewhere. The Bangunan pejabat di PJ is pleased with the results.

An older office building may need a large amount of extra stress and expense if you find that the facilities need to be upgraded. The expenditures of maintaining and improving your office space will be taken care of if you rent office space from a reliable firm that provides this service. An additional benefit of renting space from a well-known firm is the flexibility of the lease terms. As the current market is so volatile, having the ability to modify the size of your office and the duration of your stay at any moment may prove to be quite useful. There are a variety of leasing companies that may help you with short-term relocations or expansions of your workplace.

Make the Best Justification Possible

Even if your firm is still in its infancy, it is viable to use conference rooms and virtual offices as a short-term solution. You may pitch your ideas to potential consumers in a professional setting without having to hire a whole office space by renting a meeting room. Additionally, a virtual office option enables you to cover an even larger geographic area. For example, if your firm is based in Surrey, you may use a Poole virtual office to expand your company’s geographic reach.

Office space rentals provide companies the freedom to grow as they see fit while also providing them with a complete package that is suited to their individual needs.

Be sure to get advice from someone else.
Bangunan pejabat di PJ

Ask your workers what they think about where you’re moving before signing a lease for a new office space. Before you start working on it, talk to them about how it would affect their daily travel. It’s crucial to address potential difficulties like tardiness or childcare issues as soon as possible after picking a location that increases travel time for key members of your team by 30 minutes. Rather of confining your employees to a single lunch choice, you might make a big difference in their happiness by allowing them to choose from a variety of options.

How can you make your own pillow support for breastfeeding moms?

Ismail Saad
June 11, 2022

pillow support for breastfeeding mothers Malaysia

There are a number of options available on the market today, including homemade pillows. Here are some tips on how to make your own pillow support for breastfeeding moms; First, determine the size of the pillow you need. It is best to go a little bigger than you think you need, as this will give you more padding and support. Next, gather materials necessary to make your pillow. You will need a pillowcase or other fabric cover, batting or foam, sewing supplies, and a sewing machine if you plan on using an ad hoc seam. Once you have all of the materials gathered, lay out the fabric cover or pillowcase so that it forms a rectangle that is larger than the size of your original pillowcase. 

Add batting or foam to the bottom portion of the cover or case so that it is level with the mattress or chair on which you will be nursing. There are a few different ways to make your own pillow support for breastfeeding mothers. You can find instructions online, or you can purchase a pillow support kit from a baby store. One option is to use an old T-shirt or towel to make a cushion. Place the cushion behind your back and under your breasts. You can also use an inflatable pillow, which is available at most baby stores. There are a lot of different ways you can make your own pillow support for breastfeeding moms. The most important thing is to find a way that is comfortable for you and your child.

How do you make pillows more comfortable for breastfeeding moms?

pillow support for breastfeeding mothers Malaysia

There are a few ways to make pillows more comfortable for breastfeeding mothers. First, choose a pillow that is the right size and shape for your head and body. Second, experiment with different types of pillow support for breastfeeding mothers Malaysia until you find one that is both comfortable and supportive. Finally, make sure your pillow is placed in a comfortable location on your bed, and adjust it as needed to ensure a good night’s sleep. When you are breastfeeding, your body is in a different position all the time. You might be lying down, sitting up, or standing up. This can make it difficult to find a comfortable position to nurse from. To make nursing more comfortable for you and your baby, try using a pillow to support your head and neck.

There are many types of pillows that can help with breastfeeding. A regular pillow will work, but you may want to get a memory foam pillow or a pregnancy pillow. A pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to provide comfort for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. To use a pregnancy pillow, first find one that is the correct size for you. Fill it with your regular bedding so it is firm but not too hard. Lie down on your back on top of the pillow and put your arms over your head. Nursing should still be comfortable while using a pregnancy pillow, but if it isn’t, you can adjust the position of the pillow by moving it higher or lower on your body.

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What are the Benefits of Using Fibre Optic Internet?

Ismail Saad
June 10, 2022
best Time fibre in malaysia

Fibre-optic internet is one of the broadband connections that is widely used. In this country especially, you can easily find the best time fibre in Malaysia. Fibre internet is actually a broadband connection, which is able to reach up to 940 Megabits per second or Mbps of speed. It is carried by a cable that is filled with plastic fibre, hence the name is called fibre internet. The speeds are known to be 20 times even faster than the common cable. There are numerous benefits of using fibre optic internet. We are going to unravel that in this post.

Benefits of Installing Fibre Internet 

Fibre internet is commonly used in businesses and households. So, what are the reasons for that? Why is it so popular? These are the reasons why:

  1. Speed

Well, obviously, when we talk about the internet, the first aspect that we would look at is speed. Most people would not mind paying more for a fast internet connection. Fibre internet is the best option if you are always in front of your computer or laptop, especially in this pandemic era. Most people would work from home and students they will have their online classes. All of that would need a fast and secure internet connection. This is where fibre internet comes to the rescue. Don’t worry much about having a weak connection as long as your current location is within the area coverage. 

  1. Safety

The internet is not always safe. There have been many cases of people being hacked or their data being breached. But with fibre internet, you do not have to worry much about that. Cyber security is now being moderated and fibre optic internet is one of them. Plus, it is not easy to put a tap on the internet cable to get any data from the users. 

  1. Capable of being connected to multiple devices at one time
best Time fibre in malaysia

This is what most people would dream of, especially company owners. Fibre internet is perfect for office and household usage. In an office, obviously, there are a number of people who would require internet to do their job. Being able to use the internet alongside other people without being interrupted is very important. In a household with a huge family, the parents and the children can easily use the internet without interruption. 

  1. Cost

Investing in something that would promise you benefits would not make you regret it. Fibre internet is one of the best things that you can invest in. With the benefits mentioned before, it is totally worth having this at your home or your office. Fibre internet is known to be cost-effective, durable and easier to handle. So, better grab the chance to own this!

  1. Maintain the same speed for upload and download
best Time fibre in malaysia

Gamers, this is definitely for you! You do not have to wait for hours just to update or download your favourite games. The same speed is for both uploading and downloading. The common cable internet differs in both speeds. Usually, the upload speeds are slower. But with fibre internet, you do not have to be concerned about that. You will experience the same for both uploading and downloading. 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to install fibre internet at your home! Don’t walk, run!

What are PP-R Fittings?

Ismail Saad
May 7, 2022

PP-R fittings are a type of water connector that are often used in the construction and maintenance of water systems. They are made from polypropylene and can be used to connect two pieces of pipe together. They are also able to withstand high temperatures and pressures, which makes them a popular choice for water systems that need to be reliable. PP-R fittings are often used on plumbing systems to connect pipes of different sizes. They are inserted into the pipe and sealed with a cap. The fitting is then connected to another pipe by means of a drop or flex joint. PP-R fittings are a type of water pipe fitting that have a male thread on one end and a female thread on the other. They are most commonly used in plumbing to connect two pipes of different sizes. These fittings are made of polypropylene, and they’re perfect for applications where a tight seal is essential, like in waste lines or water lines. 

PP-R fittings are a type of watertight fitting that can be used to connect two pipes. They are made from high-quality brass and come in different sizes to fit a variety of applications. PP-R fittings are often used in water and gas systems, but can also be used in other industries. PP-R fittings are used in the oil and gas industry to connect pipes. They have a male thread on one end and a female thread on the other. PP-R fittings are used in water and wastewater systems to connect PEX or PVC pipes. The fittings have a male thread on one end and a female thread on the other end, which makes them compatible with each other. The PP-R fitting is a type of connector fitting that is made out of plastic and has a male and female end. It is used to connect different pieces of equipment together, including pipes and hoses. 

Features of PP-R Fittings

One of the benefits of using the PP-R fitting is that it is easy to connect and disconnect. This is because the fitting has a lever that can be operated with one hand. Additionally, the fitters are resistant to corrosion, which means they will last longer than other types of connectors. PP-R fittings are a type of water connector fitting that are becoming increasingly popular for use in water systems. They have a variety of advantages over other fittings, including the ability to handle high pressure and flow rates. One of the main benefits of pp-r fittings is their ability to handle high pressure and flow rates. This makes them ideal for use in water systems that require high levels of water pressure or flow.

Another advantage of PP-R fittings is their compatibility with a variety of materials. This means they can be used in a variety of applications, including pipelines, tanks, and water distribution systems. Overall, PP-R fittings are an excellent choice for water systems that require high levels of flexibility and performance. They are also compatible with a variety of materials, making them a versatile option for any application. PP-R fittings are a popular option for connecting hoses, pipes, and other plumbing assemblies. They offer a number of advantages over traditional fittings, including more secure connections and reduced leakage.

How to use PP-R fittings?

PP-R fittings are a great way to connect two pieces of equipment without having to use a spanner. They’re also perfect for use when you need to make tight connections between pipes or cables.  PP-R fittings are a type of plumbing connector that are often used when connecting pipes of different sizes. They are also known as flare fittings, because the flared part of the fitting allows for a snug fit when attaching the pipe to the fitting. PP-R fittings can be used with both plastic and metal piping systems. PP-R fittings are a great way to connect two pieces of tubing without having to use any additional fittings. They are also a great way to make sure that your tubing is always in the same position.

PP-R fittings are great for connecting pipes and other fittings. They are simple to use and have a streamlined design that makes them easy to work with. To connect two pieces of pipe, use a PP-R fitting. First, measure the distance between the ends of the pipes you want to connect. Then, find the corresponding PP-R fitting in your tool kit. Push the fitting into one end of the first pipe until it clicks into place. Twist the other end of the first pipe until it clicks into place, too. To connect multiple pieces of piping, use a PP-R connector. First, measure the distance between each piece of piping you want to connect. Then, find the corresponding PP-R connector in your tool kit. Push each connector into one end of each piece of piping until it clicks into place. Twist each connector until it clicks into place, too.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a PP-R Fitting

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using PP-R fittings. The main advantage of using PP-R fittings is that they are less likely to leak. PP-R fittings have a tighter seal than other fittings, which minimizes the risk of water or gas leaking out. Additionally, PP-R fittings are easier to install than other types of fittings. The disadvantage of pp-r fittings is that they can be more expensive than other types of fittings. On the one hand, these fittings offer a high degree of customization, allowing you to adjust them as needed in order to achieve the desired results. Additionally, PP-R fittings are also very flexible and can be adapted to numerous different applications.

First and foremost, these fittings can be difficult to install and maintain, requiring specialized tools and expertise in order to properly configure and operate them. A PP-R fitting is a type of watertight fitting that has a polypropylene barrel and rubber seal. PP-Rs are popular because they are strong, easy to install, and have a long life.  The main advantage of using a PP-R fitting is that it is very durable. It can withstand high pressures and temperatures, which makes it a good option for plumbing applications.  However, there are some disadvantages to using PP-Rs. They are not as flexible as other types of fittings, so they may not be suitable for certain applications. Additionally, PP-Rs are not as leakproof as other fittings, so they may not be the best option for watertight applications that require a high level of leak protection.

Do’s and Dont’s during sexual intercourse

Ismail Saad
April 27, 2022
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Sexual intercourse is an option to choose people and it is a part of many people’s lives. Sexual needs are important to be taken note of and people need to focus on what their body wants. There are many health benefits one can get by reaching better orgasms. sexual intercourse is not the only way to reach orgasms. Masturbation and many other ways exist for people to reach orgasms. When you are engaging in sexual intercourse with someone there are certain things you can do to make the experience better and things you can avoid so that you will not ruin the experience. In this article, you can find out some of the do’s and don’t. 

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You can explore new types of moves and positions with your partner or with the person you have sex with. You can improve the quality of sexual intercourse by trying new things and this will make the process more interesting. You can find out what you both want to try or what you are interested in doing. You can refer to references if you want to know about new moves. You can communicate with your partner about this. In order to make this experience more interesting, you can use sex toys. Sex toys are known to only be used when people are alone. But you can also use sex toys as a couple. There are many types of sex toys available and you can view this now to buy them.

Foreplays. You can try many types of foreplays with your partner. In order to get into the mood and to make sure you are both on the same page, you can try foreplay before having sex. Foreplays build up the tension between both of you which allow you to have a better sexual relationship. Cuddling, and kissing are some examples of foreplays. You can go with the type of foreplays that works best for you as it depends on people. Before play, you can do the dirty talk with your partner to build up the tension. At this time, you can communicate anything you want.


Consent is an important element in sexual intercourse and makes sure you are listening to your partner. Whether you are trying something new or having a usual type of sex, both of you need to be on the same page. You need to communicate with your partner if there are alright with the move or you can tell them if you are not comfortable with any moves. You should also make sure to stop if they are asking you to stop midway. Hence, one of the important don’ts while having sexual intercourse is not to force anything on your partner. 

It is better to not just focus on reaching orgasms as it will not give much excitement in the process. You can add many things while having sex which may help you to spend more time with your partner. You can do dirty talks, foreplays and slowly lead up to having intercourse. 

Men Vs Women: Who Has Better Sexual Experiences?

Ismail Saad
March 30, 2022
get Secret Cherry sex toys malaysia

The art of sex has long been in discussion between the scholars of society. Sex isn’t just a mere activity that two people are involved in. It is an activity that requires relationship dynamics and trust like no other. It also involves the mind of a person in more ways than one. This is why some people can achieve climax without even directly engaging in the activity. 

Sex is also a broad spectrum. The traditional definition of sex include the act being carried out between a man and a woman for reproduction. However, society has strayed far from that definition. Sex can be carried out by any person, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and sexuality. The activity can also be carried out between two people, or more than that. Nowadays, people are more inclusive of open-relationships or polygamous relationships. 

get Secret Cherry sex toys malaysia

However, this article will focus on the sexual experiences between cis-gendered men and women. The age old debate of who has better sexual experieces, who gives and receives better and who needs more care than the other. This debate has been going on for decades, and it has been discussed from the perspective of men.

Men used to, and still are, the most privileged of the sexes. They believe that they hold a higher place compared to women and other genders. The patriarchy has allowed them to believe so. Therefore, since they think they are superior, they also believe that they understand women better than women themselves. Women’s pleasure was barely even talked about, yet alone researched. 

Centuries ago, a woman allowing herself to feel pleasure was considered to be the act of the devil. She would be trialed and executed for her actions. Moving forward a couple of centuries later, scientists and theorists believed that a woman’s pleasure was unnecessary and invalidated. Since a source of the woman’s pleasure is from the clitoris, and since it was small, it was deemed insignificant. Men have fortunately evolved from that belief, but it is still a sad notion women at that time had to experience. 

Fortunately, more and more women in the 20th and 21st centuries are talking about sexual pleasure from a female’s perspective. The women’s rights movement was a factor in moving that discussion forward. Women such as Betty Friedan talked about pleasure and sex which propelled things forward for many women of that time. 

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On the other hand,  a man’s experiences were validated from the beginning of time. It was simple for men, as their ejaculation was a clear sign of climax. Unlike women, they had it easier as all it took to satisfy them was to stimulate one area – their genitals. Women on needed to be stimulated in many areas, as well as stimulated emotionally to enjoy their sexual experience. 

If you were to compare their experience in terms of convenience and ease, men would win as they can easily achieve climax. However, if you were to compare their experience in pleasure, women would win in a landslide. A woman could have multiple orgasms in one session. They can be stimulated from the clitoris and the g-spot, sometimes both at once. Therefore, they experience more sensations compared to men. 
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