Website Developing-6 Tips to Write an Awesome “About Me Page”

Ismail Saad
December 4, 2020

In this modern age, for the success of a business, developing a website is a must thing. But developing an attractive and engaging website can be a little difficult as many of us do not know what features to add. Therefore, many business experts encourage hiring an expert to do the job. There is another important thing you have to think about and that is writing the “About Me Page”. In today’s article, we will be giving you some tips to write a killing “About Me Page” and where you can find the best website design company in Penang, Malaysia to develop your website. Here are  6 tips to write an awesome “About Me Page”:

  1. Friendly Picture:

The very first and important step is to include a friendly picture of either your team or your business owner. Adding a friendly picture will leave a positive impression of your business. Try to add a picture that can be related to your services or teamwork.

  1. Detailed Introduction:

Your “About Me Page” must have your business detailed information. For instance, the address of your office or shop, your office phone number, and business email. You should also add about what services or products your business provides. All these things are important as they help potential customers to reach you.

  1. Share Your Story:

Your “About Me Page” should also have the story of your business. How you started your business and what circumstances you faced during your struggle? What were the things that motivated you to start this business? Or anything story related to your business.

  1. Write a Mission Statement:

Your “About Me Page” should also have your “Mission Statement”. What your mission is and what you want to achieve in near future. All the details should be added in your “About Me Page”.

  1. What’s In It For Me?:

All the potential look for the benefits they can get from any business. Therefore, do not forget to mention what is there for customers or clients. What services or benefits you will be providing your customers or clients. What are your specialties that can be of some significance for customers?

  1. Call To Action:

Last but not the least, your “About Me, Page” should also have a call-to-action button. A call-to-action button is a tool through which you encourage your potential customers to provide their detailed information, for instance, their address, phone number, email address, etc. Some call-to-action examples include: Call now,  Click now, Click here, Click here for details, Join now, Start your trial now, Add to cart, Download now, Get a free, etc. 

Knowing what to include in your website is not always easy, especially if you have never participated in the development of a new website before. Jumix design can help you design your website as they are the best website design company in Penang. Jumix design can help design an easy to navigate, engaging, authentic, and attractive website as they are the best website developers in Penang, Malaysia.

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Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Ismail Saad
October 18, 2020

While some people would move from gambling top online casino malaysia to wanting to play a game at the real scenes. This is exceptionally the one people would do when they get to Las Vegas. But there are some people that go to Las Vegas in order to find the best restaurants to eat out. Las Vegas has definitely a fair share of different restaurants that people could choose from and eat whatever that they feel like and what they want to. There are also restaurants that serve unique foods that could only be served in their restaurant and nowhere else. 

Well, it will definitely be a waste for you to just go to Las Vegas and gamble 24/7. It is true that Las Vegas is a city filled with casinos, a place where you could gamble anywhere, anytime. But you should also consider trying out some of the restaurants there and treat yourself to some fine dining. 

With this, we will continue with the list of restaurants that you should try and eat at in Las Vegas:

  • The Legends Oyster Bar and Grill

This restaurant is more focused on seafood dishes. Mainly would serve oysters, scallops and shellfish. Other than that, the restaurants highlight the use of lobsters as well as crab which is cooked in a creamy or the usual sauce. For all you seafood lovers, it will be a great place for you to have a taste of oysters which is actually rare for you to find it in a local supermarket. 

  • Bugsy and Meyer’s Steakhouse

If you are a meat eater and you just love to get your hands dirty or maybe not while eating meat. This restaurant would offer you the best meat. It is mentioned in the name of the restaurant “Steakhouse”. So the word STEAK is already in there and that indicates all things meat. Aside from that the restaurant would serve the best dry aged meat that had been dried for 60 days. So to get your hands on this dish, go all out with your pocket money in this restaurant. 

  • Johnny C’s Diner

This is a different type of restaurant. Well, it’s not really that different. It does serve food but if you really want to start the day with a big breakfast then this will be the spot. It serves up the very best sandwiches that will really make your mouth water. It will be like a King’s breakfast and just enjoy the taste of the sandwich and feel like you just had a very healthy breakfast. Aside from sandwiches, you could also have a bowl of the very best salad the restaurant can give. 

  • Mountain West Eatery

For this one restaurant, it combines both meat and sandwich. To be much more precise, it includes BBQ meat stack in a sandwich. All of the juices will be in the meat and will just ooze out while you are taking that big bite. There are also salads that would be available in the restaurant that you can have as a side. A special addition to the main food is that you will get two corn muffins. 

However, Las Vegas isn’t as happening as it used to be because of the Covid-19. This has made people decide to try their hand at online gambling. You could try Regal88 or other casinos by clicking here.

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How To Have Fun At Home

Ismail Saad
July 10, 2020

What To Do At Home

After days of straight working, any employee always looks forward to weekends. Weekends are their time to have fun. But sometimes, employees who suffer from busy schedule and too much work tends to spend their weekends in their home and catching up with some sleep. 

Such can be pretty frustrating and can cause depression if done repeatedly. It’s like, the excitement is gone and you don’t have that much to look forward to. 

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If you’re having the same trouble, then you clearly know what we’re talking about. So, to help you out, we know one thing that you can do at home that will give you so much fun. And that is signing up to an online casino! 

Online casinos in Singapore are fun, exciting, and safe at the same time. It’s makes an amazing past time. Aside from that, there are many benefits you can get from it. Read through the whole article, to find out what these are.

Activities To Do At Home

  • Yes, we know that actual casinos can be very fun. But the problem about actual casinos is that your options are limited, which is the actual opposite to online casinos. Actual casinos tend to limit the game they offer because they’d have to depend with the size of their place, and the funds they have. While in the online world, they really don’t have to worry about it. Therefore, you could get a ton of choices in an online casino, rather than the actual casino itself.
  • With online casino, everything is convenient, and you’d get the great fun you need to eliminate all of the stress you’ve been feeling from work. You don’t have to prepare for so many things. You don’t have to actually get up and make yourself look presentable, to be able to get out from the house and go to an actual casino. You don’t need to take a cab and suffer through the stressful traffic. You can take this the lowkey way by staying at home and signing up to an online casino. No need to go so much stress to get the fun you need
  • In an actual casino, things could get pretty intense. Misunderstanding and envy could arise from opponents which would lead to fighting and violence. But in the online world, you can prevent that from happening. There’s too much security in the online world. You don’t have to give out your real name, to prevent bad things from happening. You can have the privacy you need, and have fun at the same time.

There are just so many advantages for choosing online gambling in Malaysia than going to an actual casino could give you. You’d surely be able to have such an amazing time during weekends, without having to go out. You’d still be able to rest and get amazing entertainment, even if you’re at home. 

So what are you still waiting for? Better sign up now to online casinos. Guaranteed, you’ll be having so much fun anytime you want. You will not regret it. Go now before it is all too late! 

Afgan – Cinta Dua Hati

Ismail Saad
February 27, 2020

Afgan – Cinta Dua Hati

tak ku sangka dirimu hadir di hidupku
menyapaku dengan sentuhan kasihmu

ku sesali cerita yang kini terjadi
mengapa disaat ku telah berdua

maafkan bila cintaku
tak mungkin ku persembahkan seutuhnya
maaf bila kau terluka
karena ku jatuh di dua hati

back to [*]

back to [**] 2x

maafkan bila cintaku
tak mungkin ku persembahkan seutuhnya padamu
maaf bila kau terluka
karena ku jatuh
karena ku jatuh di dua hati

Padi – Terbakar Cemburu

Ismail Saad
January 7, 2020

Single terbaru PADI untuk tahun 2010. Katanya diorang kluarkan satu single setiap 3 bulan untuk tahun ni. Ujung tahun la baru siap full album. pape pun, layanz.

Aku terbakar cemburu
cemburu buta
tak bisa ku padamkan amarah dihatiku
sakit menahan sakit hati
menyimpan perih
tak bisa ku terima apa yang ku alami

Ibaratnya jantung hati
tersayat oedang tajam
betapa sakitnya
ku rasakan itu

Dan kini aku tahu ku sangat
begitu dalamnya aku sungguh mencintaimu
mungkin selama ini ku salah
tak pernah pedulikanmu setulusnya hatiku

Ku akui ternyata
sakitnya membakar hati
sudah membuatmu pergi
kini hanya tinggalkan luka

Begitu dalamnya aku sungguh mencintaimu
mungkin selama ini aku salah
tak pernah pedulikanmu setulusnya hatiku

Mungkin selama ini ku salah

Tiz Zaqyah Tampil Sebagai Cover Majalah Remaja

Ismail Saad
August 12, 2019

Tiz Zaqyah Tampil Sebagai Cover Majalah Remaja

Kalau bulan lepas, Lisa Surihani telah menjadi penghias untuk Majalah Remaja, untuk Majalah Remaja keluaran bulan Mac pula, giliran artis yang hangat sekarang dan filem lakonannya Cinta Kura-Kura masih ditayangkan di pawagam sekarang.

Siapa lagi, kalau bukan Tiz Zaqyah yang juga dikatakan baru putus cinta dengan Remy Ishak. Nampak memang menawan hati apabila tengok Tiz Zaqyah kat Majalah Remaja keluaran Mac nie.

Dalam Majalah Remaja nie jugak, Tiz Zaqyah meluahkan perasaannya melalui kreativiti lukisannya. Sama-sama kita dapatkan Majalah Remaja Keluaran Mac 2012 nie yew!

Siapalah pengganti Remy Ishak tu ye… Hehehehe….

Tengku Azura Pelakon Wanita Dalam Filem Bunohan

Ismail Saad
May 12, 2019

Tengku Azura Pelakon Wanita Dalam Filem Bunohan

Siapa Tengku Azura nie?? Yeah, Tengku Azura artis baru yang baru menceburi dalam dunia hiburan nie. Azura akan beraksi dalam filem yang dinanti-nanti ramai iaitu filem Bunohan yang akan ditayangkan pada 8 Mac ini. Menurut sumber yang lain, Azura adalah satu-satunya pelakon wanita di dalam filem Bunohan ini. Biar Betul?

Tengku Azura juga turut berlakon dalam filem Dukun yang juga merupakan filem arahan Dain Said, rakan kepada Tengku Azura sendiri. Azura juga ada mendedahkan di dalam media, yang Azura hanya berlakon di dalam filem arahan Dain Said sahaja.

Jadi, pengarah atau penerbit lain memang tiada peluanglah untuk mengambil Azura yang seksi nie untuk beraksi di dalam filem mereka. Lepas nie mula ler Gosip Panas dan Gosip Liar yang akan melabelkan Azura nie berlagak Diva dan sombong? 

“Bukannya mahu berlagak Diva atau sombong, tetapi saya akan hanya berlakon jika ia datangnya daripada Dain. Harap-harap pihak lain tidak salah anggap tentang pendirian ini,” – Tengku Azura

Babak Tengku Azura di dalam Bunohan

Oooohhh, bukannya sombong atau berlagak Diva, baguslah Azura ada alasan tersendiri. Okay, jangn lupa saksikan Tengku Azura di dalam filem Bunohan dan Dukun di pawagam nanti yew!

GOSIP MEOW! Tengku Azura nie walaupun usia dah mencecah 37 tahun tapi masih mengancam jugak… Ngeh ngeh ngeh…

Majlis Perkahwinan Lisa Surihani dan Yusry KRU

Ismail Saad
February 24, 2019

Majlis Perkahwinan Lisa Surihani dan Yusry KRU

Lisa Surihani dan Yusry KRU selamat diijabkabulkan semalam di Marriott Putrajaya, dan telah disiarkan live di Astro Awani. Majlis Akad Nikah pasangan artis popular nie berlangsung dengan sekali lafaz sahaja dan Lisa menjadi isteri yang sah kepada Yusry KRU.

Majlis Pernikahan dua mempelai ini dimulakan dengan upacara berbalas pantun sebelum pasangan ini dinikahkan oleh Pegawai Tadbir Agama Daerah Sepang, Halim Mat Isa, dengan berwalikan abang sulung Lisa iaitu Mohamed Azan Mohamed.

Jom kita lihat koleksi gambar dan video Majlis Pernikahan Lisa Surihani dan Yusry yang penuh gilang gemilang… 

Pihak pengantin lelaki telah menyerahkan tujuh dulang hantaran berupa kek, manisan kristal, tepak sirih, mas kahwin, sebentuk cincin, cek dan kelengkapan sembahyang. Manakala pengantin perempuan telah membalas dengan sembilan dulang hantaran berupa cincin, kek, coklat, koleksi CD The Beatles, ‘keyboard’, sepersalinan lelaki jenama Zegna, kelengkapan sembahyang, bunga rampai dan sirih junjung.

Dalam Majlis yang penuh gilang-gemilang nie wang hantaran dirahsiakan dan Lisa telah menerima sebentuk cincin dan seutas rantai leher platinum manakala Yusry menerima sebentuk cincin tanda kasih dari Lisa.

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Hantaran pengantin lelaki
1) Tepak Sirih
2) Cincin Perkahwinan
3) Mas Kahwin ( seutas rantai platinum)
4) Wang Hantaran (jumlahnya dirahsiakan)
5) Kelengkapan Solat
6) Manisan Kristal
7) Kek berperisa vanilla

Hantaran pengantin perempuan
1) Tepak Sirih
2) Cincin Perkahwinan
3) Kelengkapan Solat
4) Koleksi Cakera Padat Kumpulan The Beatles
5) Alat muzik Keyboard (dipersembahan dalam bentuk bingkai gambar)
6) Kelengkapan pakaian lelaki
7) Coklat
8) Bunga rampai

Hosting Percuma Di Muaturun.MY

Ismail Saad
February 4, 2019

Hosting Percuma Di Muaturun.MY

Cabaran ini berlansung bermula : 05/02/2010 hingga 05/04/2010 ( Dua Bulan )

Syarat-syarat Cabaran Muaturun.My:

1. Anda Perlu Join Facebook Fan Muaturun.My Club di Muaturun.My

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3. Post Anda Mengenai Muaturun.My hendaklah di Link kan ke dalam Facebook ANDA.

4. Reply tread ini dengan meletakkan link post yang telah anda buat mengenai Muaturun.My

5. Letakkan Banner Muaturun.My di Blog Anda. ( Akan Di Update Nanti )

6. Posting yang dibuat mestilah sticky selama Cabaran ini berlangsung.

Dan Pemenang adalah berdasarkan KOMEN yang paling banyak diperoleh di Posting Tersebut… TETAPI… KOMEN yang dikira adalah hanya komen yang berkualiti.. BUKAN komen yang sekadar melepaskan batuk ditangga atau spam..


Tempat Pertama : Hosting Selama Setahun Beserta Domain TLD ( com/org/net ) + Baju T-Shirt Muaturun.My

Tempat Kedua : Hosting Tanpa Domain Selama Setahun + Baju T-Shirt Muaturun.My

hosting provider yang di tawarkan :

Tempat Pertama Standard Pakage
Tempat Kedua Mini Pakage

Tempat Ketiga Hingga Kelima : Baju T-Shirt Muaturun.My

p/s : Design T-Shirt Akan Di Update Minggu Hadapan…

Anak Bienda, Lavienda Namiraz Yang Comel

Ismail Saad
April 20, 2018

Anak Bienda, Lavienda Namiraz Yang Comel

Penyanyi Bienda telah selamat melahirkan seorang puteri pada 26 Februari lalu tapi belum mendedahkan gambar anaknya yang comel ini. Bienda hanya memaklumkan nama cahaya matanya Lavienda Namiraz yang diilham daripada sebuah telenovela.

Bienda yang juga anak kepada penyanyi dangdut Sheeda selamat melahirkan bayi seberat 2.95 kilogram itu menerusi pembedahan di sebuah hospital swasta pada 26 Februari lalu. Memang comel Gambar Anak Bienda nie kan? Semoga kehadiran Lavienda Namiraz dalam hidup keluarga Bienda bertambah ceria yew!