Why You Should Start Believing In Chinese Medicine

Ismail Saad
September 1, 2021

Of all the complementary and alternative medicines, Traditional Chinese Medicine has undergone the most extensive testing. Numerous research studies also show the efficacy of acupuncture and herbal therapy, the two treatments most commonly used in TCM clinical practice.

There is still a lot more work to be done before we fully understand the mechanics of acupuncture and Qi, but there is emerging evidence that acupuncture and TCM may be used to treat a wide range of illnesses safely and effectively.

We may be able to prevent illness and disease, improve our health and enhance our well-being by using Chinese medicine in the West.

TCM as a whole has been the subject of very little investigation. Scientists tend to focus on a certain sort of treatment, such as acupuncture, and how it works or can be used from a traditional medical standpoint.

According to TCM practitioners, focusing solely on a single treatment from the TCM system does not respect or appreciate the integrity of their philosophy There are others who believe that trying to understand one medical perspective via the lens of another is a bit like trying to appreciate the taste or oranges

In addition to herbal therapies and moxibustion, other TCM treatments such as acupuncture and moxibus As a final note, it’s important to remember that focusing on one part of TCM rather than the system as a whole has its limitations

Research on acupuncture has shown that there are two major trends that indicate how acupuncture is used in clinical practice and research therapy procedures are becoming more closely aligned. Acupuncture point combinations, for example, can be chosen by practitioners rather than having to treat all patients with the same set of points.

Additionally, clinical trials have been designed for acupuncture to be compared to regular BioMed When treating rotator cuff impingement, acupuncture and ultrasonography might be compared.

When physicians make referral decisions based on this type of study, they are able to make more informed recommendations, and on top of all these benefits, our comparative effectiveness design provides for a comparable cost

Globally, notably in China, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is extensively used to treat liver problems, Hepatocyte protection, inhibition of hepatic inflammation, and antifibrosis in the liver are some of the advantages of using TCM to treat liver problems. On this page, we offer and discuss the literature on the mechanisms of TCM treatment for liver illnesses. Side effects of herbal substances are generally under-appreciated, and prescribing potentially hepatotoxic drugs should be handled with greater caution, according to a new study. For instance, proganic herbs for liver should be more acknowledged and expand in the world of practitioners. In addition, new tools and methodologies must be created in order to better understand TCM mechanisms. In the future, TCM’s therapeutic outcomes will be improved as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will play an increasingly important role in the treatment of liver illness in the future.

Why Engage in a Marketing Agency

Ismail Saad
September 1, 2021
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When you are running a business, every minute of your time will be accounted for. If your marketing plans are not working, you might constantly think of what to do like what will be the best way to market your business. As of today though, missing an online representation is probably one of the worst things that can happen in a business. The internet world is where most of the people are like businessmen and consumers alike. Thus if you are planning to market your business, be sure to start it here. Your bottom line will be to entice internet users to check your online link and the best way to do that is through PPC or pay-per-click. 

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With the two options though, PPC can generate fast results and if you have the money, this is known to be a better option. If you think you don’t have the time to dwell in setting up a smooth running PPC campaign,

you can hire digital advertising companies such as Republic Digital Marketing to assist you.

By engaging in a PPC agency, your business will possibly gain the situations mentioned below:

  • It will save you a lot of time. Knowing you already have a huge responsibility of running a business, you might not be able to focus more on this and your money invested in this might just be futile. To think that setting up a PPC campaign requires a serious commitment if you want to experience the expected results. This is what a PPC agency can give you. They can commit their time in making sure that your marketing campaign will deliver the result beyond your expectation.
  • The money you will invest in the PPC campaign will not be wasted. Though this type of marketing is said to be reliable, note that this will deeply depend on the keywords you will use. When formulating keywords, you have to spend a lot of time researching the demographics of your audience. At the same time, you also need to take care of your landing page. Indeed this is not something you can just do in haste.
  • Positive result. The thing when you hire a PPC team is they will only set one bottom line and that is to make your campaign a success. As they also need your recommendations, they will surely try their best to impress you with their outputs. 

So seek out a PPC agency now and enjoy a successful marketing campaign. 

How To Start A Vegan Life?

Ismail Saad
August 28, 2021
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Are you considering becoming a vegan? But you have no idea where and how to start? Well, this article is exactly what you need now because we will tell you what you need to know before starting a vegan life. 

First of all, what is vegan? Living a vegan life is more than just not eating any food that is related to animals. It is a lifestyle where we try to excludes all types of animal exploitation and animal cruelty. Whether it is through foods, beauty products, personal care products, and others. 

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To start a vegan lifestyle, these are some of the tips that you might want to know. 

Start Slowly and Consistently

Immediately removing all of the meats and dairy from your diets can be hard for you physically, mentally, and also emotionally.  So, what you need to do is start slowly by reducing the intake of any animals related foods from your diet. Over time, you can slowly reduce more, and soon you can stop your intake of animal-related foods like meat, dairy, and eggs. 

Increase Your Veggies and Fruits Intake 

Now that you have to decrease your intake of meat diets, you need to increase your intake of veggies and fruits. You can also add beans to your diet to make sure that you are receiving the proper nutrients. If you are lazy you can just order fruit delivery online Malaysia, and it will be sent to your house ASAP!

Stock Up

You might get hungry constantly now that you have changed your diet. So, you need to make sure that you are stock up with many vegan food and snacks. You can stock up with veggies or fruits that are easy for you to snack on like baby carrot, strawberries, and beans. These snacks are good for your health and they will make you stay full longer. 

Read The Ingredients List 

When you are doing grocery shopping make sure that you are reading the ingredients list. Sometimes it might not be any animal-related food but the ingredients to make the food can consists of animal fat, eggs, or other animal-related ingredients. So, make sure that you are double-checking the ingredients. 

Take A Blood Test 

You might be wondering why do you need to take a blood test? Well, now that you have cut some food intake in your diet you need to see what are the other option for you to be getting that needed nutrients. You can start by eating vitamins or supplement for the needed nutrients. 

Choose Vegan-Friendly Food

Now that many people have chosen the vegan lifestyle there are plenty of foods that are vegan-friendly. For example, since you no longer can drink milk because it is produced by animals you can opt for other types of milk like almond milk, oat milk, and cashew milk. Not only does it taste good but it is also good for you and people that are not vegan are also starting to choose vegan-friendly food because they taste better and is healthier. 


Lastly, all you gotta do is enjoy the new lifestyles. Make sure that you are truly enjoying it then you will realize how fun and easy being vegan is. 

Content Writing As A Freelancer

Ismail Saad
August 27, 2021
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Do you have a flair for words? A deep love for storytelling? An unmatched talent for turning boring old numbers and scholarly journals that is in your data backup and recovery into short and effective blogs? Well, here is some exceptional news for you. You are ready to take on your first gig as a content writer on a freelancing platform. 

Starting up as a freelancer as a content writer is honestly easier said than done.  There are a number of steps we may have missed out on in the introduction that we will explore in the latter parts of this post. But first, what is content writing and why should you do it? A love for words may sometimes be enough but it goes a lot deeper than that. 

Content is key in the digital world. Today everyone is looking for competent writers who can make a bizarre statement on the internet. In an ocean full of millions of websites, standing out is only possible with good content. Marketers have the skills to speak to the google search engine but they need the assistance of a good content writer to speak to the audience. Connecting two worlds is how businesses achieve success on online platforms. 

The significance of content writers will not go down even if the world of automated copywriting and content writing becomes a mainstream thing. Human touch is desired in all corners of the business world. Only a competent content writer can deliver that. 

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So how can you set up your first steps into the freelance world of content writing? 

First of all, before even getting your first order or first client, you need to have your resume in hand. And you also need to have your own personal branding. When it comes to the resume, people often include it as a portfolio of work they have done over the years. Now considering this is your first time as a professional content writer, you may not have much to show for “experienced work” with a client. But you have the power to write and an open platform to do so. Use the power of the internet to put your content out there and place it in your portfolio. Make your own proposal of content writing ideas and give the potential clients a glimpse of your work to get them on board.

Now, coming to your personal branding, this is something incredibly crucial in the current digital climate. There are so many competitors in the content writing world and you need to stand out. You need to give a reason why you should be the one hired. In order to do this, you need to brand yourself with the qualities and characteristics that you promise to deliver to the client, many establish their own websites, a social media presence to create an outstanding brand presence. 

Now, it is time to put yourself out there. But with utmost confidence. There will be a lot of rejections on the way. But there will also be an equal number of opportunities. Sign up for a variety of freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer. It takes a long time before we can find success but it is not impossible. 

The Drainage System of A Building

Ismail Saad
August 23, 2021
gutter repair malaysia

The drainage problems are a knowledge that the ancients have inherited through their experience and passed it on to us. The drainage and flood control system of a city is an indispensable part in urban construction planning. Urban drainage system construction’s contents are diverse, big to road and roadside ditch drainage, while small to a house drainage. 

If you’ve been camping in the wild, you would know that when we build a tent, we usually dig a trench around the tent to prevent rainwater from entering the tent if it rains. Isn’t this an interesting tidbit? In the same way, our houses need to be supported by a drainage system, otherwise we in rainy Malaysia will worry about the flood in our yards everyday.

The basic equipment attached to the interior of a building includes water supply and drainage system. Among them, the construction of the house drainage system can be subdivided, respectively for the drainage system outside the building and the drainage system inside the building. 

The drainage system in the building is used to eliminate the waste water and excrement in our daily lives. Sanitary wastewater is usually directly discharged into the city drainage pipe, and the fecal sewage is usually discharged into the city drainage pipe after it goes through the septic tank. 

On the contrary, the drainage system outside the building refers to the roof drainage. Roof drainage can be divided into external drainage system and internal drainage system according to the different installation position of the roof rainwater pipe.

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The external drainage system means that there is no conductor head on the roof and no rainwater pipe in the building to discharge rainwater. According to whether the roof has a gutter, the system can be divided into eaves drainage devices and gutter drainage devices.

  • Eaves drainage device is usually used for residential buildings, public buildings with small roof areas and single-span industrial buildings. The rainwater on the roof collects in the eaves trench of the roof, and then flows into the rain falling pipe along the eaves trench, and then drains down to the underground trench or the ground.
  • Gutter drainage devices are usually used to remove rainwater from large roofs, especially multi-span roofs. The gutters on the roof receive rainwater from the roof. Rainwater runs through a standpipe outside the walls from the gutter to both ends of the building, and then to the ground.

The internal drainage system means that the roof is equipped with a conductor head, rainwater collected into the standpipe through the conductor head, and then discharged into the urban drainage pipe through the in-built drainage pipes of the building, or directly discharged into the outdoor through hanging pipes.

Due to the multiple shapes of modern buildings, it is recommended to use the gutter drainage system for the roof drainage. Gutter drainage is safe and reliable, will not cause roof leakage by poor construction, and the construction is simple, and can also reduce the buried depth of the house rainwater pipe. 

On the other hand, structural load increases as the gutter has a certain slope and is longer, with a standpipe outside the wall, and also with the cause of a thick roof cushion. Therefore, if the roof accumulates dust, it will cause gutter obstruction and damage. In addition, due to the rainy and sunny weather, the gutter repair in Malaysia needs to be promoted to more people.

Getting Familiar with Search Optimization Strategy

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In these times where earning money online in whatever ways is already viral, everyone who is into this thing is trying to find the most unique yet still very effective way to make sure they will reach the end of the ladder. But doing so is actually easier said than done, because of the congested situation in the internet world. The thing is, no matter how much you will strategize, still you will find that you are not alone in your idea. So, what you need to tell yourself then is to be patient and persevere if you really want to be one of those who are already there. 

One of the best ways to elevate your site is through search optimization. Now, how is this search optimization done? This is actually a process that can affect the visibility of your site. With the right keywords, there is a chance your site will appear a number of times when a visitor will choose one of them to search for. For example, if you’re showcasing women’s apparel on your site, then there is a chance every time someone will look for the same things, your site will appear as one of the choices. 

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But the thing is you are not the only one doing this, in fact, almost every website owner is into this                              kind of strategy. So, what are you going to do to even make your site be one of the top ten choices for every visitor that will search with one of your keywords?  If you are new to this business, it will certainly be hard for you to understand much more to utilize this strategy. Good thing there are also a number of websites who can help you in this ordeal. What they can do to your site is really amazing; you will be surprised with the result. They will not only help you in elevating the status of your website, you will be learning from them as well so that in the future, you can do it on your own and will not need their services anymore. 

And to complete your marketing strategy, you also need to ensure that you are backed up with a web design services in Malaysia team as they will be the ones who can ensure your redirected customers will stay longer in your site. They will make them feel comfortable. Be sure to visit Republic Web Design!

How to find a good roofer?

Ismail Saad
June 24, 2021

Remember that these companies, especially independent contractors, often specialize in repair or replacement. An installer may not have a lot of repair experience, and vice versa. Make sure whoever you hire knows how to work with the material you have (or want) and are qualified to do so.

Installation or replacement of a new roof

A roof will last 20 to 50 years. Then it usually needs to be replaced. The cost of replacing or installing a roof varies from 5,200 Euros to 10,100 Euros. High-end materials can cost more. If you are hiring a professional to install one on a new home, confirm the following:

  • The pro has experience with the new construction
  • You can organise the installation with further contractors working on the house
  • You know who is responsible for which parts of the structure

For example, you need knowing if the contractor inclosing the house will be installing the siding or if the roofer will do the same.

Roof repair

The cost of repairing a roof ranges from $ 350 to $ 1,300. If it happens to be leaking, drooping, or showing further signs of damage, you may need a professional to fix it. Many professionals will do this work on the one they have installed. 

Roof maintenance and inspection

Hiring a professional for a roof inspection or for routine maintenance can increase its lifespan. The   one inspector hiring costs roofing rise in   average approximately $ 200. You may want to run a service every   6-18 months, depending on the hardware. Some companies offer maintenance plans when you get a new one, but many don’t offer this service.

Steps to Hire a Roofing Contractor

How to find a good RGS Mainatnace Metal Roof Expert?

  • There are several reasons why you might need a roofer:
  • Installation or replacement
  • Repair
  • Maintenance and inspection

Remember that these companies, especially independent contractors, often specialize in repair or replacement. An installer may not have a lot of repair experience, and vice versa. Make sure whoever you hire knows how to work with the material you have (or want).

Allied Health Studies

Ismail Saad
June 22, 2021

Students wishing to pursue professional or graduate training in health-related fields, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, and chiropractic medicine, as well as other areas of interest, are encouraged to enrol in this program. Course work should be taken in chronological order and field experiences are encouraged; Students should discuss their intentions with their advisors as soon as they decide to follow this course plan.

Upon completion of this Widad University program, the student will have earned a bachelor’s degree in allied health. Students will select one of three definite concentrations under the allied health speciality, comprising occupational therapy sciences, physical therapy sciences, and medical sciences. The undergraduate program aids the student in meeting numerous prerequisites essential for applying to graduate and specialised programs in allied health occupations. Graduate and specialised programs have a variety of requisite essential courses. To complete the entire prerequisites and courses essential for graduation, students have to work carefully with their academic advisor on the subject of course selection and satisfaction of the Baccalaureate Experience necessities outlined in this catalogue.

Program goal

The aim of allied healthcare specialists is collaborating with physicians and rest of the members of the healthcare professionals to offer top-quality patient care services.

Focus / Main functions

Allied health specialists participate in the provision of health or related services with the identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders, food and nutrition services, and rehabilitation and management of health systems, among others.

Allied healthcare professionals collaborate with physicians and other members of the healthcare team to provide high-quality patient care services for the identification, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disabilities, and disorders.

General characteristics

Allied health professions divided two broad categories:

  • technicians (assistants)
  • therapists / technologists

Technicians use to be trained to achieve processes and their education continues less than two years. They must work under the supervision of technologists or therapists. This part of the allied health field comprises medical laboratory technicians, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, recreational therapy assistants, radiological technicians, and respiratory therapy technicians. The educational process for therapists or technologists is more intensive and includes the acquisition of procedural skills. Additionally, therapy / technology students learn to assess patients, diagnose conditions, develop treatment plans, and understand the logic behind various treatments to judge their appropriateness and potential side effects.

People in allied health are involved (directly or indirectly) with the patient’s health and are regarded as an expert in the field. A few allied health specialists practice self-sufficiently; others use to work as part of a healthcare crew, offering an enduring assessment of the patient’s requirements. They also play an important role in informing the treating physician about the patient’s progress and response to treatment.

Nevertheless, if you are not interested in studies in pharmacy, you could always try other programs that Widad offers like the top business foundation studies Malaysia.

Intimate Lubricants: How To Choose The Right One

Ismail Saad
June 10, 2021
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Intimate lubricants are an essential element when it comes to living a moment of pleasure. Whether in anal or vaginal sex, masturbation or even in the use of sex toys, lubricants are chosen to avoid dryness and obtain a maximum of pleasurable sensations. 

Why Use A Lubricant

The intimate lubricant is the main ally to facilitate penetration and intensify sexual relations. Its use provides greater lubrication and dilation, avoiding vaginal dryness, skin friction or even pain. 

The lubricating gel is also used for fun times. Every time, erotic toys are part of the sexual hobbies of couples, so having a lubricant within reach is key. These not only increase pleasure, but prevent infections and protect the skin. Read the label carefully when choosing, as not all of them are suitable for use with sex toys. 

In addition to these benefits, lubricants are used to prevent condoms from breaking, giving you more peace of mind and security during intercourse. Also, some offer you different textures and flavors, which will be ideal during oral sex. 

How To Choose The Right Lubricant

To choose the right lubricant, two main aspects must be taken into account: the pH of the intimate area and the use it will be given. 

The pH of the intimate area: generally, the pH of the vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5, that of the penis 5.5 and that of the anus 7. To avoid risks such as bacterial vaginosis (which it can increase if you have a high pH level) or the development of HIV, when you practice anal sex; It is recommended to use a vaginal lubricant of 4.5 and one for anal use between 5.5 to 7. You may go here for sex toys malaysia to explore on their plethora of selections.

The use that will be given:  if you want to use intimate lubricants for masturbation, oral, anal or vaginal sex, with or without a condom, etc., you should know that not all of them are the same. Some are water-based, silicone, or oil-based. These can be gels, creams, grease, or lubricating sprays. Its effects and the amount to apply may vary depending on the lubricant you choose.

How To Encourage More Women To Become Scuba Divers

Ismail Saad
June 8, 2021

We cannot deny that generally scuba diving is associated with men. When we tell our parents that we want to become scuba divers one day or that we are aspiring to become the instructors behind the best diving courses in Malaysia, we are often met with a scoff or a humorous laugh. Sometimes even disbelief and words of discouragement. However, in reality, scuba diving or becoming a diving instructor has no gender role attached to it. We may need physical strength and health to become good divers, but no one’s asking for the strength of the hulk. Scuba diving is for everyone and gender roles are the last things that need to be attached to the activity. 

Half of the world’s wonders and miracles of fish and other wildlife lie in the ocean. And women should be given the equal and unbiased opportunity to explore it all, with no societal constrictions. So how can we do that? What are some things we can do to encourage more and more women? 

Educate People

Education is the first step of any change in the community. Education and of course, awareness. Girls and boys should be educated about the marine life and ocean from the same lens and handbook rather than the constricting one that defines conservative gender roles. Many teachers and instructors hold biased views against girls in various professions when teaching and this has a huge impact on a girl’s own perceived competence and confidence. Little girls and women who enter the field of scuba diving need a lot of confidence and high self efficacy. The ocean and scuba diving might not be such a dangerous activity, but when entering with self consciousness, it can be a daunting place. 

Increased Volunteering Opportunities 

Volunteerism for scuba diving instructors, targeting women participation will also have a positive impact on the empowerment of women in scuba diving. You can improve volunteerism opportunities by teaching women and girls in society. Or holding camps to teach them about marine life and the importance of its preservation. Schools and organizations work hand in hand to increase the number of volunteering opportunities for women scuba divers as well as the active participation of girls and women in non-profit movements and workshops. 

All Female Diving Groups 

Have you ever thought of establishing an all female diving group in the community? Many female divers do not engage in the world of diving because they don’t have a partner to dive with as well. When we have a group created within the community, a network of female divers are created. More and more female divers will be encouraged to join the group and take part in scuba diving adventures. Creating groups establishes a feeling of belongingness and acceptance which often is hard for women to feel in various professions. 

Scuba divers are needed more than ever, and especially female divers. The representation of women in scuba diving professions has a lot of room for improvement through various programs and empowerment campaigns. Change starts with all of us, so let’s do as much as we can!