Website Developing-6 Tips to Write an Awesome “About Me Page”

Ismail Saad
December 4, 2020

In this modern age, for the success of a business, developing a website is a must thing. But developing an attractive and engaging website can be a little difficult as many of us do not know what features to add. Therefore, many business experts encourage hiring an expert to do the job. There is another important thing you have to think about and that is writing the “About Me Page”. In today’s article, we will be giving you some tips to write a killing “About Me Page” and where you can find the best website design company in Penang, Malaysia to develop your website. Here are  6 tips to write an awesome “About Me Page”:

  1. Friendly Picture:

The very first and important step is to include a friendly picture of either your team or your business owner. Adding a friendly picture will leave a positive impression of your business. Try to add a picture that can be related to your services or teamwork.

  1. Detailed Introduction:

Your “About Me Page” must have your business detailed information. For instance, the address of your office or shop, your office phone number, and business email. You should also add about what services or products your business provides. All these things are important as they help potential customers to reach you.

  1. Share Your Story:

Your “About Me Page” should also have the story of your business. How you started your business and what circumstances you faced during your struggle? What were the things that motivated you to start this business? Or anything story related to your business.

  1. Write a Mission Statement:

Your “About Me Page” should also have your “Mission Statement”. What your mission is and what you want to achieve in near future. All the details should be added in your “About Me Page”.

  1. What’s In It For Me?:

All the potential look for the benefits they can get from any business. Therefore, do not forget to mention what is there for customers or clients. What services or benefits you will be providing your customers or clients. What are your specialties that can be of some significance for customers?

  1. Call To Action:

Last but not the least, your “About Me, Page” should also have a call-to-action button. A call-to-action button is a tool through which you encourage your potential customers to provide their detailed information, for instance, their address, phone number, email address, etc. Some call-to-action examples include: Call now,  Click now, Click here, Click here for details, Join now, Start your trial now, Add to cart, Download now, Get a free, etc. 

Knowing what to include in your website is not always easy, especially if you have never participated in the development of a new website before. Jumix design can help you design your website as they are the best website design company in Penang. Jumix design can help design an easy to navigate, engaging, authentic, and attractive website as they are the best website developers in Penang, Malaysia.

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