Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Ismail Saad
October 18, 2020

While some people would move from gambling top online casino malaysia to wanting to play a game at the real scenes. This is exceptionally the one people would do when they get to Las Vegas. But there are some people that go to Las Vegas in order to find the best restaurants to eat out. Las Vegas has definitely a fair share of different restaurants that people could choose from and eat whatever that they feel like and what they want to. There are also restaurants that serve unique foods that could only be served in their restaurant and nowhere else. 

Well, it will definitely be a waste for you to just go to Las Vegas and gamble 24/7. It is true that Las Vegas is a city filled with casinos, a place where you could gamble anywhere, anytime. But you should also consider trying out some of the restaurants there and treat yourself to some fine dining. 

With this, we will continue with the list of restaurants that you should try and eat at in Las Vegas:

  • The Legends Oyster Bar and Grill

This restaurant is more focused on seafood dishes. Mainly would serve oysters, scallops and shellfish. Other than that, the restaurants highlight the use of lobsters as well as crab which is cooked in a creamy or the usual sauce. For all you seafood lovers, it will be a great place for you to have a taste of oysters which is actually rare for you to find it in a local supermarket. 

  • Bugsy and Meyer’s Steakhouse

If you are a meat eater and you just love to get your hands dirty or maybe not while eating meat. This restaurant would offer you the best meat. It is mentioned in the name of the restaurant “Steakhouse”. So the word STEAK is already in there and that indicates all things meat. Aside from that the restaurant would serve the best dry aged meat that had been dried for 60 days. So to get your hands on this dish, go all out with your pocket money in this restaurant. 

  • Johnny C’s Diner

This is a different type of restaurant. Well, it’s not really that different. It does serve food but if you really want to start the day with a big breakfast then this will be the spot. It serves up the very best sandwiches that will really make your mouth water. It will be like a King’s breakfast and just enjoy the taste of the sandwich and feel like you just had a very healthy breakfast. Aside from sandwiches, you could also have a bowl of the very best salad the restaurant can give. 

  • Mountain West Eatery

For this one restaurant, it combines both meat and sandwich. To be much more precise, it includes BBQ meat stack in a sandwich. All of the juices will be in the meat and will just ooze out while you are taking that big bite. There are also salads that would be available in the restaurant that you can have as a side. A special addition to the main food is that you will get two corn muffins. 

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